Avery’s 1st Birthday Party

Someone’s turning one! After weeks of planning, preparing, and crafting my heart, out we celebrated Avery’s 1st birthday this weekend. It was a small event with mostly family that we held at our house. As with the title of my blog, you can imagine that I also tried to make it as “green” as possible … Read more

WIAW & A Halloween Recap

Hi greenies, it’s “What I Ate Wednesday” time again, as linked up to the blog, Peas & Crayons. Also included in today’s post are some pictures from Halloween with Avery. So before we get into the food, let’s take a walk down Halloween-memory lane from just a week ago. “Booo!” This year Avery was a … Read more


I’ve struggled with allergies since I was a kid. I always had a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes.. especially in the springtime. I’ve been on all kinds of medication, from Claritin to Benadryl, and Flonase…you name it, I’ve tried it. The severity of my allergies was evident a few years back when I had … Read more


Hey everybody, time to get a little Erin Brockovich here as I talk about Teflon. Pretty great right, non-stick cookware-what could be bad about that? Well, in some of the “green books” I’ve been reading, I keep coming across information about some dangers that are lurking in these “non-stick pans”. One of the dangers is … Read more

Ashley’s Green Life: 6/1/16 – 7/1/16

WHAT I’M TRYING, EATING, AND READING: SUMMER 2016 Hey greenies, as you can tell I’ve been taking a break from blogging and youtube lately as my school year ended and to spend some time with family. Things get pretty crazy during the month of May for me as I prepare to leave my full time … Read more

Ashley’s Green Life: 3/1/14 – 4/1/14

How to Make an Essential Oil “Flu Bomb” Hey greenies! Today’s green tip is all about how to make an essential oil flu bomb. The “bomb” is basically a combination of essential oils that are taken in a capsule at the onset or whenever you have a cold that can help “bomb” it to make … Read more

Baby Mila’s Grey, Pink & Orange Nursery Reveal

Well, after months of planning, Pinterest-browsing, and crafting, I’m finally ready to reveal Mila’s nursery! Nursery planning is one of my favourite parts of pregnancy because it’s a chance to be creative, tackle a few projects, and prepare a fun place for my sweet baby on the way. Just as with Avery’s nursery, I didn’t … Read more

Ashley’s Green Life

So in preparation to go back to work, there were two things on my mind: 1- how I was going to stand being away from my baby girl for longer than 30 minutes and 2-figuring out the best bottle/pump/storage method for my breast milk. And although number one sure was, though, number two gave me … Read more