Happy Easter from Avery!

“Some-bunny” wants to wish you a Happy Easter! It’s Avery, the Easter Bunny helper. She found her eggs. She ate some of the secret snacks inside. She was willing to share. And then she “hopped” away! I hope you all have a great Easter!

How I Updated My Backsplash Using Smart Tiles

Sometimes when I do home improvement projects, things start to snowball. It starts out as replacing the flooring, then the kitchen cabinets need painting, then a new countertop has to be installed, followed by new appliances, and what do you know…a new backsplash! What can I say? When I get on a roll with my … Read more

Green Pregnancy

Here are some weekly pics to show how my belly and baby grew during my first “green” and vegan pregnancy… Green Baby Movie Recommendations The Business of Being Born. If you are pregnant or are thinking about getting pregnant, this is a must-see documentary that will really get you thinking about all the birth options … Read more

22 Weeks and Nursery Tree

Hey everyone, so it’s been quite a fun week this week as Avery’s nursery is really coming together. I’ll talk more about that later, but for now, here are some belly pics! I’m at 22 weeks right now, and I feel great! Sometimes I can hardly tell I am pregnant…other than my growing belly! My … Read more

24 Weeks and Nursery Projects

Hey everyone, hope you all are having fun gearing up for the holidays. Things have been busy around here as I have been tapping into my motherly nesting instinct! Granted, I’m only 24 weeks pregnant, so I have a while until Baby Avery will be here, but it sure has been fun planning, crafting, and … Read more

31 Weeks and My Birthday

Hey blogging friends, hope you had a good week last week. Mine was pretty nice and relaxing since 3 out of the 5 days of my work week were snow days! Brandon and I thought it was funny because they took it pretty serious on the news as they were calling it “The Blizzard of … Read more

32 Weeks, Crib Bedding, and “Feeling” Pregnant

Hey everyone, this past week has been fun because we crossed the last thing off our “Nursery Project To-Do List”…the crib bedding! You can see the rocking finished product below, and now I’ll share with you where the idea came from and how we brought it to life. As you can tell from my decorating … Read more

26 Weeks and an Early Baby Shower

Hey everyone, I’m a little behind on my baby posting here, so let me fill you in on what went on last week. It was week 26 of my pregnancy, and we had an early baby shower for Avery! Here’s my belly pic from the shower, and I think it’s safe to say that my … Read more