How to Use, Clean & Store Cloth Napkins

As I’ve said before, one of my favourite ways to go green is by trading out disposable products with reusable ones. And of all the swaps I’ve made, the most effective one to me has been trading out paper towels with reusable cloth napkins. Now I’ve already blogged about this before in the post about … Read more

11 Things You May Not Know About Me…And More!

So awhile back…a long while back…my blog friend Allison, over at A Little Blueberry¬†and sGreenJuice tagged me in a “11 Random Things About Me post”, and I’m finally ready to post my answers to the questions they posed to me. Better late than never, right?! ( : The Rules: 1. Post these rules. 2. You … Read more


Okay so last week I said I was done nesting and now I’m just “preparing”…well I was wrong. I am in full “nesting mode” over here. I think I didn’t quite understand the meaning of nesting until this week, and let me tell you, it’s not preparing. Preparing is when you chop the veggies for … Read more


Hey everyone, so I think this little baby has been doing some growing this week because I sure have felt tired! In the prior weeks it seemed like my focus was on food, but now my focus has been on sleep! I have taken a 20 minute nap everyday for a week now, usually I’d … Read more


So you may be wondering how I’m doing now that I’m 8 weeks pregnant, and the answer is great! I feel very fortunate that I’ve haven’t had any morning sickness, my main discomfort is just that certain foods don’t sound too great and in the evenings I get this “really full” feeling in my stomach. … Read more

Goodbye Teflon!

Hey everybody, time to get a little Erin Brockovich here as I talk about Teflon. Pretty great right, non-stick cookware-what could be bad about that? Well, in some of the “green books” I’ve been reading, I keep coming across information about some dangers that are lurking in these “non-stick pans”. One of the dangers is … Read more


So have you ever thought twice about using plastic bottles? In this day and age, it’s pretty common to get your water from plastic bottles. I know I thought they were “healthier” than tap, and although it cost quite a bit to buy all those bottles, I felt “green” because I would re-use my bottles … Read more


For all my smoothie-loving friends out there, here’s a post you might appreciate. When I first started making smoothies, I was going through at least one plastic straw a day, and since I started feeling some eco-guilt about that I decided to try reusing the straws. This worked fine for awhile, except for those days … Read more