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How to Make an Essential Oil “Flu Bomb”

Hey greenies! Today’s green tip is all about how to make an essential oil flu bomb. The “bomb” is basically a combination of essential oils that are taken in a capsule at the onset or whenever you have a cold that can help “bomb” it to make it go away. I’m sure it sounds a little crazy, but since I started getting into essential oils over a year ago, I have yet to get sick because anytime I start to feel sick, I take a flu bomb and then after a few hours I feel better.

A week or so ago, sickness hit my house and my husband, my two year old and my four-month old all came down with the latest sinus/cough bug. Determined not to get it, I popped a flu bomb in at the first sign of symptoms, and then took 2 additional doses in the next few hours and I’m proud to say I did not get sick! Better yet, I was able to help my two kiddos get feeling better too, without the use of any other medications. At that point, I knew I had to get the word out about this awesome flu bomb recipe.

Now this recipe is not my own, there are several variations of it floating around the internet, but this is the one I’ve had the most success with. Feel free to Google around and find a variation that works for you. So let’s get going with the supplies you need:

Essential Oil “Flu Bomb”Recipe:

  • 5 drops Melaluca ($20)
  • 5 drops OnGuard ($33)
  • 3 drops Oregano ($26)
  • 3 drops Lemon ($13)

Also needed: empty size “00” capsules ($3)

Here’s this week’s video about how to make the Flu Bomb Recipe:

Here’s how to do it:

1. Fill the capsule with the corresponding amount of drops.

2. Take the “bomb” with water.

Then take one every 3-4 hours until symptoms subside. Usually I seem to start to feel a cold coming on when I get home from work, so I’ll take one when I get home, another before bed and one that morning. And then it’s usually gone! I did have some success kicking my husband’s cold to the curb with this recipe too because he was going on several days of being sick and his over the counter medications were just not helping anymore. I gave him a flu bomb 2-3 times a day and after a day or two he started to feel better.

Beware if you get any oils on your finger tips. The Oregano and OnGuard oils are “hot” oils and they can cause your skin to burn if they are applied without a carrier oil, so beware. If they do get on your lips or fingers, you can just rub coconut oil on the spot then wipe it off with some water and a napkin, the burn usually goes away.

Don’t have any empty capsules? You can take this oil mixture like a shot, just make sure to drink lots of water, and probably eat something too. When I first made this flu bomb last year, I didn’t have any capsules so I just took it in this form and my burning sore throat was gone in 10 minutes, it was pretty amazing. The only downside is the flavor…and lingering flavor that follows primarily of the oregano, whew, it’s pretty strong.

Flu bomb recipe with 2 Tbs. of water to be taken as a “shot”…
if you dare!

Want to use it on younger children or don’t want to take it internally in capsules? You can mix it up as an external blend with a carrier oil. For my carrier oil, I use doTERRA’s Fractionated Coconut Oil ($16). The solids have been removed from this coconut oil, allowing it to always stay in a liquid state and not change and solidify like most coconut oil you would buy from the store.

To make it into an external blend, mix the following recipe up and store it in a jar or a glass roll-on bottle (I use these 10 ml Roll-On bottles, I got 18 for $10 on

External “Flu Bomb” Recipe:
(multiply original recipe by 4 to fit a 10 ml bottle, but feel free to divide if you have a smaller bottle)
20 drops Melaluca
20 drops OnGuard
12 drops Oregano
12 drops Lemon
1-2 Tbs. Fracitionaed Coconut Oil (use as much as you need to fill it to the top of the bottle)


1. Drop the oils into the bottle as directed by recipe.

2. Fill the rest of the bottle with FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil)

3. Place the lid on the bottle, and a trick I have found to be
helpful in pushing it down all the way is to wrap it in a cloth
napkin and press it into the counter top until I hear it click.
Then I know it’s on and good to go.

How to apply it:

Apply it to children’s feet (or adults) every 3-4 hours
or hourly if needed until symptoms improve. Sometimes
I also apply this oil mixture to the back of my kid’s neck and
along their spine, as I have heard that is helpful too.

“Oils on my feet? Yeah, that’s how I roll.”
One last thing, is about the pricing of the essential oils. If you already have all the oils, then you are good to go and make a batch of this the next time a sniffle or a cough hits your family. But if you are just starting out with essential oils, chances are you probably don’t have this group of oils just sitting around your house which means you’re going to need to buy them. As you saw from the individual prices I listed above, it would cost you $92 approximately to buy the oils needed for the recipe, ouch! “I’ll stick with my Tylenol and NyQuil thank you very much!” you’re probably saying, but the good news is that these oils last for a long time and can be used for all kinds of things. So it’s probably best to see them as an investment than a frivolous expense.

Another option you have, instead of buying them individually, is that you could try doTERRA’s Family Physician Kit, which comes with 10- 5 ml bottles of oils for $120. This is what I bought when I first got started with essential oils and I loved it. It really gave me a chance to try out the oils and see which ones I liked and what I could do with them…without having to break them bank and buy them individually. And in case you are wondering, The Physician’s Kit comes with all four oils needed for this recipe.

Now although all my doTERRA product links take you to Amazon, I purchased my Family Physician’s Kit directly through doTERRA and by doing so, it paid for my “Membership Fee” so now when I buy oils you get them at a cheaper price (instead of the retail price) and I get to earn points with my purchases to get more free oils. So just something to consider if you are looking to get into essential oils for the long run…

In case you’re wondering, I do not work for doTERRA and I do not sell their oils. This is my honest, unbiased opinion of them, their products, and their pricing.

So there you have it, my essential oil flu bomb recipe. Kind of interesting right? I wish I would have come across this years ago, as it would have saved me lots of money and time being sick. But now I know and now YOU know, so hopefully it can keep you and your family feeling well.

Have you ever tried a flu bomb like this before? Or have you ever used essentials oils to help you recover from a cold? Share any tips, tricks, or recipes you have below!

My disclaimer- I am not a medical doctor or a pharmacist. So while I can share what has worked with me, it may not work for you. I would say to talk with your “health care provider” but they will probably just tell you to take the traditional over-the-counter or prescription medication. Instead you could do your own research or talk with someone with experience with essential oils.

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