Highlights of Avery’s 1st Week

Hey everyone, I’m sure you’re wondering what I’ve been up to this past week with Baby Avery, and now that I’ve got a few spare minutes while she’s napping, I’ll fill you in! So, I know I like to think of myself as someone who is prepared for everything, but I understand now that nothing can prepare you for the role of becoming a parent for the first time. All nine months, I read up on newborns, breastfeeding, diapers, etc. and yet the second she was born, I felt completely clueless.

For years, I’ve ranted and hated on those girls from 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, but now I give them (and any other first time moms) so much grace. Granted, some of them make a number of bad choices with themselves and their babies, but I completely understand how overwhelmed they felt when their babies were born. Suddenly you are responsible for another life…nothing can prepare you for that! On top of that, your body is still recovering from labour and delivery! This would have been enough for me to process for several days, even though I had an amazingly positive experience! But to have a newborn to care for and breastfeeding to figure out, it all became very overwhelming, very fast. Luckily Brandon has been there to support me, my midwife has been there for me to call, and each day seems to get a little bit easier as I learn more about Avery and get more practice in this new role as “mom”.

I read in a baby book that this is the time when a woman experiences the most changes in her entire life (when she has her first baby), and I can attest to that. It kind of feels like I’ve abandoned my old life, routine, and schedule for a completely new and different one…and while it is exciting, rewarding, and amazing, it’s also a bit scary because it’s so new, and I don’t feel very good at it yet. I’m learning, though, one day at a time. For example, during day 1 and 2, breastfeeding felt like rocket science. I had to be in the rocking chair, with the Boppy, with complete concentration, and I couldn’t move a muscle for fear that she would let go. Now, I can get her started eating in all different locations, positions, and even in the dark in the middle of the night…woohoo! It feels good to get some confidence going in that area because it’s so vital to her growth and well being.

I’m also feeling much better about things now that I can leave the upstairs and return to my life in the rest of the house. Yeah! I can make my own smoothie, help with dinner, and even do laundry! It doesn’t sound so exciting, does it? Well, for someone as independent as I usually am, it feels good to do some things on my own again.

Okay, so enough low down on all the “new mama emotions” that are running through my head, let’s get on to the highlights of the past week!

On our first day as new parents, Brandon’s parents treated us to some Chipotle…which we ate in bed, the place where we basically camped out for the first two to three days. Most people would have liked this time to relax, be waited on, and pampered, but I did not. It was a bit difficult to be limited to staying on one floor, being dependent on others, and not being able to work out (I know, I know, but when it’s your daily routine, it’s hard to stop…even if you’ve just had a baby. This “bed rest time” taught me two very important lessons: take time to let your body heal, and don’t be afraid to let other people help you (especially if they are bringing you Chipotle)! Want to know what I’m eating here? Check out how I go gluten-free, vegan at Chipotle back in this post.

Chipotle Time!

So in the first day or two, she slept lots…sometimes 4-5 hours at a time. This had us both a little worried, but sure enough, after a few days, those long sleepy naps wore off, and now she sleeps for about 2 hours or so at a time. We just love watching her sleep, so peaceful.

Our Sleepy Girl

On the 2nd day, we had our first “new parent” scare when we noticed a rash on Avery’s whole body. It turns out it was just something called erythema toxicum, which my midwife described as a benign newborn rash. It sure looked scary (almost like measles or chickenpox), but it turns out that it is pretty common in newborns, we did nothing to cause it, and it usually goes away on its own in a few days. Luckily hers went away after a few days…yeah!

On day 6, we tried out this Fischer Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper for the first time. Kind of funny how in the first few days, we felt bad when we would put her down… but after a while, we realized we had other things to do (like taking a shower and eating dinner!), so we gave this a try.

Time to “Rock ‘N Sleep”!

Most of the time, she likes it, but we find it works best when she’s sleeping…other times, she would rather be in our arms!

On Day 7, we made our first trip out in public to the chiropractor (midwife approved!) for both Avery and I. She seemed to like riding in the car, mostly while we were on the highway, because it vibrated her car seat quite a bit.

Happy and peaceful after the chiropractor.

Here I am, watching out for my little girl on her first ride in the car.

Here are our dogs, Jilly and Jackson, looking out for Baby Avery as she hangs out in her Mamaroo Infant Seat.

“We’ll protect her!”

Here’s a closer shot of the Mamaroo Infant Seat. This is a fun new gadget that takes the place of traditional bouncy seats and swings in how it mimics the movements of parents with 5 customizable and unique motions: ocean wave, kangaroo, tree swing, car ride, and rock-a-bye. After watching some videos of it on YouTube, we were sold! Another fun feature is that you can plug your iPod right into it and have it play music while it’s moving. We don’t use it too much, but it’s great for while we are eating dinner or when I’m walking on the treadmill, like in the pic below. I’ll keep you posted on how it works out for us.

Here’s a fun shot of what we like to call her “Poopy Face”. This is when she gets all quiet and still, like she’s up to something, then…BAM! Mega bowel movement-lol! ( :

Here it comes…

On Day 3, we got to cut the clamp that was holding her umbilical cord stump, and then on Day 8, her umbilical cord stump fell off…leaving this adorable little belly button!

Here she is napping in her Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper that sits right next to our bed.

And here’s one last cute picture of her thinking hard as she gets her diaper changed.

“I wonder…”

So that’s the highlights of our first week with Avery. I wonder what fun new experiences await us this week? I can’t wait to share them with you all! Eventually, “green” blog posts will resume, but for now, it’s “All About Avery” around here. (

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