Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Vegan What I Ate Today: July 2017

From smoothies to corn on the cob, and all the IKEA veggie balls in between. Check out the food I ate today on fun family weekend day in July!

Here's a preview of the day...

Heading to Trader Joe's to do some grocery shopping!

The girl's lunch: vegan grilled cheese (baked in the oven because I was feeling
lazy-lol), Vegan Rob's Brussel Sprout Puffs, baby carrots, Hampton Creek's
Just Ranch, and organic strawberries. 

Dessert after dinner: Almond Dream vanilla ice cream, strawberries,
and Ah!Laska non-dairy chocolate syrup...yum!

Ikea Veggie Balls with what turned out to be a
 not gluten-free or dairy-free meal ) : see below.

Check out the full day of food here...

And if you got a little hungry, here's the Vegan Cheesy Casserole recipe I had for dinner!


IKEA food update: Apparently what I ordered at IKEA was officially called: "Veggie Balls w/Thai Coconut Curry, Brown Rice Blend and Seasoned Bean Blend (8 pc)" and now I know thanks to checking their menu online after I got home, that it contained milk and wheat. Bleh. No fun. ) : Next time I will just order the veggie balls plain...and check the menu ahead of time before I go. Don't you hate it when the menu changes!

Thank you for all your support

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