Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Parenting Hack: It's OK to Wake Alarm Clock

First up in my new “Parenting Hacks” series is a video about how to help your kids know when it is “ok to wake” in the morning and come out of their room.  I don't know about you, but I've struggled for short periods of time with both of my girls waking up at random times during the night and early morning, thinking it was a-okay to just come on out of their room. So in desperation I searched the internet to find what I could use or if a special way to teach them when it was time to come out and then I found something simple, easy and fun...

It's an OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night Light that you set to a certain time and each day a green light goes off on the clock to signal your child that it is now "ok" to wake up and come out of their room.

Right off the bat I loved the simplicity of this alarm clock and how it was easy for me to teach my kids to only come out when the light is green, and if it's not green that they needed to stay in their room.

Obviously when you're choosing what time you want your child to wake up at, you'll want to find one that's not too late that they end up in their room for a super long time after they have woken up, but you also don't want it too early so that they sleep right through it (it stays lit up for 30 minutes).  For me I set it for 6:50, this goes for weekends and weekdays...because we all know it makes no difference to young kids!  The reason I chose this time is that they both usually wake up between 6:40 and 7:00 on any given day sometimes later, sometimes earlier and this time was the perfect middle ground.

I also make exceptions that they can come out of their room if there's an emergency or if they have to go to the bathroom, we just say it's not time to "come out and start your day" until the light turns green. And right now Avery is 5 and Mila is 3, and they understand it pretty well and follow it diligently...meaning on most mornings the second the clock hits 6:50 I hear footsteps running down the stairs ready to get ehir breakfast.

I personally love the wake up light because it gives me extra time and peace in the morning, knowing I can get everything I need done  like working out, making lunches, and getting ready for work all before that light turns on, as opposed to some mornings they get up at 6:00 and other mornings 7:15. I think they also like the predictability of it too.

So there you have it, the OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night Light, my favorite parenting hack for helping my kids know when they can come out of their rooms in the morning. What's your favorite way to teach or show your kids that they can come out in the morning? Or have you ever tired a wake up light device? Share below!

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Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money and this is my honest opinion of it.

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