Monday, January 16, 2017

Vegan What I Ate Today: January...with Mila!

After a long break from making my "what I ate" videos, I finally have one to share with you greenies, and this time I have a special guest...Mila! Her grandma who usually watches her on Tuesday and Thursday was out of town, so I had the day off to watch her. So my food for the day will not only include my food but also her's as well so you can see my some of our favorite vegan kid foods and snacks. 

So let's get started with Mila and I's food for the day...

Okay so usually I post not only the video but also detailed pictures of each thing I ate during the day, but with my busy schedule, I've decided to cut down on all the pictures in my blog posts to help save time. Sorry to loyal blog readers, but it's just become too time consuming to take the pictures, compile the video clips, edit the video, write the post, link products...and still edit the pictures, stick my logo on them and then arrange them on the blog. So for awhile I think I'm going to be going with reduced-picture blog posts so that hopefully I can get more videos out to you guys. Thanks for understanding.

With that said, here's a list and all the links to the food Mila and I ate that day...

That's my food for the day!

Have you ever tried any of the food Mila or I ate? Share below!

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