Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mila's 3rd Birthday: A Halloween Party!

Recently Mila celebrated her 3rd birthday party and although she went back and forth on themes for months, she finally decided on one: a Halloween party! She has been into Halloween since about August and so excited for it, so it was a perfect fit for her party. Gotta love October birthdays, she'll probably have many more Halloween parties to come, but I don't think she'll mind. One of her favorite parts was shopping for party decorations because there were just so many options to choose from since it was almost Halloween. I won't complain either, it's nice to have lots of decor options. I remember when Avery turned 3 we were searching for winter decor everywhere for her Frozen party theme, but it was April. No fun.

But back to our a Halloween birthday girl!  Let me take you area by area of the party and share some of the details of the party...

First up are the Birthday Party Invitations. To go a little greener this year, I swapped out paper invites and made video ones instead of Mila wearing her Halloween costume and telling all our friends and family to come to her party. I then put together the clips in iMovie and sent it out to everyone that was invited. You can see a clip of her birthday invite in the video here:

Next up are the decorations. As I mentioned before, we did a Halloween theme which was nice in how I was able to use a lot of decorations that we already had such as orange, black, and white pom poms and other Halloween decor. But it was extra fun to take Mila shopping at Target to pick up some more decor because there was so much to choose from.

I got these pin wheels and blow up "BOO" letters from Target to hang on the mirror.

This wreath was also from Target.

Mila was pretty excited about it as you can see here after we bought it:

In the living room I found this cool "Happy Halloween" banner also from Target that was made out of fabric. I look forward to reusing this one for several years!

I always love getting some type of vinyl wall decal for my girls' parties and here's the one I found for Mila's, a "Trick or Treat" one with bats. Luckily I remembered to save the paper it came on so we can also use it again next year for Halloween! Can you tell I like to reuse things? ( :

Up next is the food. I pretty much have a standard food protocol for our parties, which is...
  • organic corn tortilla chips and salsa (my mother-in-law's famous homemade salsa to be exact)
  • fruit salad
  • fresh veggies 
  • either hummus or my Homemade Ranch Dip (I chose the later)
  • another type of chips, these are Avery's favorite: Kettle Brand Salt & Pepper Chips
  • and cupcakes

For the cupcakes this year I went these cute mini chocolate cupcakes. I got the recipe from the blog: Top 8 Free Eats, "The Perfect Chocolate Cupcake" and they were so delicious!  I topped them with my "Healthier Vegan Frosting" which I attempted to make orange, but I added too much yellow of my dye-free decorating kit and they turned out more gold...oh well. Live and learn!

Mila didn't mind!

For drinks we had Trader Joe's Pink Lemonade and water. I love to use these little mason jars for cups so that they can be washed and reused.

Now that you know all the details, here's some fun pics from the party! Starting with the Birthday girl herself, Mila who wore her Halloween costume to the party as Batgirl!

Avery wore one of her many costumes: a flower girl.
Then it was time for presents, with some help from Avery of course.

She is pretty obsessed with the Trolls movie, although it hadn't come out yet when she had her party it didn't stop her from asking for lots of Trolls presents. 

Our personal favorite is the pink Poppy wig my parents got her so she can match her Poppy doll. 

Then it was time for snacks and more party fun. Check out the costumes of some family members in the background, thank you guys for making the party so fun!

I couldn't have done the party without my Mom and Brandon (who helped with all the last minute house cleaning!). Avery was also did a great job hanging in there while Mila kind of got all the attention...and presents. Way to go girl. 

Also, I showed this recap video of Mila's last year, enjoy! 

Happy Birthday Mila. 

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