Sunday, January 10, 2016

What I Got & Gave for Christmas

Hey greenies, I thought you might like to take a look at the gifts I got and gave for Christmas this past year.  Obviously I'm a few weeks late for Christmas, but my family got  stomach bug over the holidays and it thrown off my schedule a bit, but nonetheless, here's the list of some of the gifts I got and gave this year.

Also, you may notice my blog format is going to be a little shorter in the future, more like a "cliff notes" version of the video that goes with the post and that's because I kind of feel like I'm doing double work with posts and videos. Saying all that I need to say in the video and then typing it all over again in the post and editing all the pictures. It's really draining my blog/video editing time. So although I love writing, I feel like I need to cut back on something so I can create more content more often, and to me, it's my blog posts that I would like to cut back on. So hopefully you'll enjoy this shorter format while still being able to see pictures and all the information in the weekly video. Thanks for understanding.

Anyways, back to that list:

First up, here's what I GAVE others for Christmas:

SewCool Sewing Machine (for Avery)

Fischer Price Minnie's Boutique Fashion On the Go Play Set (for Mila)

Local Consignment Shop I got those toys from: Wild Child Upscale Children's Resale

Li'l Woodzeez Treehouse (on top for Avery)

One Direction Singing Harry Styles Doll (for Mila)

One Direction Toothbrush (for Mila)

Little Tikes Jump & Slide Bouncer (for both girls to help get some of their energy out!)

Dollhouse for Avery that my mom painted and decorated. (Similar Dollhouse Bookshelf from Pottery Barn)

Walmart 50 x 60 Fleece Photo Collage Blanket (for my Mom, a yearly tradition)

A previous collage blanket that she still displays in her closet! ( :

Amazon Gift Cards (what I usually get my brothers)

Painted Wooden Disney Blocks from Etsy (AppleJackDesigns) (for my Disney fan in-laws)

And here's what I GOT for Christmas:

Solid Threads "Tofu The Other Other White Meat" Vintage T-Shirts

Creative Coloring Inspirations Coloring Book (inspirational quotes+ coloring book=awesome!)

Glass Manual Citrus Juicer (for my warm lemon water each morning)

True North Tees: "Better Every Day", "Make it Happen", "Never Give Up" (tanks from my favorite Etsy shop, love them!)

Mason Jar Soap Pump Lid Insert Kit (a lid kit that converts traditional mason jar lids to soap dispensers)

Wilton Dessert Decorator Plus (for helping me improve my "frosting skills")

Local Consignment Shop I got my clothes from: Plato's Closet

I got 7 shirts and 1 pair of pants for $58! Love it. 
So that wraps up what I got and gave for Christmas! Share below what you got and gave. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greenies.

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