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How & Why I "Sometimes" Drink Powdered Green Juice

Well greenies I have a confession to make, sometimes I...drink powdered green juice (gasp!). I'm sure some of you may be thinking, "Who cares?" While others may be completely offended, "How dare she!" But these days I'm all about keeping it real and telling the truth about my health habits, even though they may not be as "perfect" as they used to be because that's life, things happen, people get busy, priorities get shifted, and as a result new habits emerge.

One of my most popular videos on Youtube is my "Daily Green Juice" recipe/video and while I do still love it, I found that I wasn't making my green juice daily, or even weekly...I was just too busy. I found myself craving a smoothie to get some protein instead of a green juice, and the time it took for me to chop, juice, and clean the juicer was not something I could get motivated to do each day while juggling two kids, a full time job, and this little blog on the side. So over time I started juicing less and less.  I always had the best intentions on the weekends in how I would stock up with all my juicing fruits and veggies, but by the end of the week that produce would still be sitting in my fridge, wilted, and old. Bummer.

Click here to find that recipe.
But instead of beating myself up about it, I decided to say, "Well at this point in my life, fresh juicing just isn't working out for me. I'm not done with it forever, but for now I need a break."

At this point I wanted to make sure I was getting plenty of greens in my diet, so I decided to search out some green juice powders so I could still get my greens in, but in a more convenient form.

Enter the world of green juice powders. There are a lot of them out there, and it was a little confusing at first, but I kept seeing ads for Aloha's "Daily Good Green Juice Powder" and I was intrigued. I had tried Amazing Grass Green Powder in the past and wasn't too fond of it's taste, so I was hoping the Aloha brand would be better tasting. So I tried out their free, 5 pouch trial pack and I actually really liked it. Now I get their 15-day supply that ships out automatically each month for $40. They also have a 30-day supply for $75. *In case you're wondering, I purchased this product with my own money and this is my honest opinion of it.*

I mean it's dried green juice, so it doesn't taste anything like freshly juiced green juice but it wasn't too bad in flavor when mixed with juice.

Here's a video breakdown about "The Daily Good" and how I use it:

To tell you a little more about "The Daily Good" from Aloha:
  • Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free
  • No-GMOs
  • No Sweeteners
  • 3g of natural sugars
  • contains 2 servings of fruits and vegetables in each pouch
  • they "keep their ingredients whole to retain the fiber-a precious benefit lost in juicing" and gentle dry them at low temperatures to preserve their nutrition. Each pouch contains 2g of fiber because of this.
  • each pouch is about 35 calories
  • can be mixed in smoothies, water, juices, or other cooking

  • Spirulina
  • Spinach
  • Moringa
  • Peas
  • Wheatgrass juice
  • Wild blueberries
  • Raspberry juice
  • Wild-Harvested Coconut Water
  • Lemon
  • King Trumpet Mushrooms
  • Enoki Mushrooms
  • Oyster Mushrooms
  • Hawaiian Yellow Ginger
  • Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt

Here's my little Aloha box that contains all the packets for 15 days, the
supply size I get monthly.

How I use the "Daily Good":
When I first started using the Daily Good I experimented until I found a juice that I like to go with it. My favorite was an organic apple juice. So I started with 1 cup apple juice + 1/2 cup water.

My original powdered green juice recipe: organic apple juice, filtered water,
Aloha's Daily Good packet.

Then as time went on I experimented with decreasing my apple juice until I did 1 cup of water + 1/2 cup of apple juice.

Then one day I tried it with just water, and no apple juice and it was a little to "blah" for my liking.  So I figured I was back to just having it with apple juice then it dawned on me that I could combine this green drink with my other "daily chia seed drink" which I had reduced down to just water, chia seeds, and lemon juice. I then put the two together and the result was great!

Read more about that recipe here.

Chia seeds + Daily good= energy, greens, and a happy me.  Now since posting that chia seed post, I have changed it up a bit. So instead of making the chia seed drink with 1 cup of fruit juice + 1 cup of water, I switched to doing 2 cups of water + 1 lemon juiced + 1 Tbs of maple syrup. Lately I took out nearly all sugar/maple syrup/coconut sugar/etc. from my diet, so the recipe changed again.

So with all that said, let me break down how I currently make my chia seed/green juice drink:

Ingredients: lemon juicer, Aloha packet, 2 cups filtered water, 1 lemon,
3 Tbs. chia seeds (you can use less if you want).

1. Add 2 cups filtered water to a jar (I like
this SOMA water filter lately, more to come in
a future post).

2. Now add 3 Tbs. of chia seeds.

3. Juice one whole lemon.

4. Now add that juice to the chia seeds and water.

5. Next add in one packet of Aloha's Daily Good.

6. Put on the lid and shake it up. I usually let
it sit for 5-10 minutes so the chia seeds can "gel"
and then I shake it up again before drinking.

Now it's ready to drink! I like to drink it with
a stainless steel straw.

When do I drink this? I usually drink this about an hour or so after lunch and it hold me over until my afternoon smoothie an hour or two later. You could drink it anytime, such as first thing in the morning or before a workout. Whatever works for you.

Now I'm not the only one in my "green house" who likes this juice...a surprise fan is Mila! Obviously I'm not giving her massive amounts of the powder but she does like to sneak a sip now and again and she loves it!

Mila approved!

So what do you think, have you ever tried dried green juice powders? Have you tried the Daily Good? What's your favorite brand? How do you use it? In smoothies or drinks? Share below.

Cheers to green drinks (both powdered and fresh)!

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