Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mila's First Birthday...a Halloween Party!

Well the time has come for Mila to turn one! I can't believe it. This year really flew by and with Halloween approaching I knew it would be the perfect theme for Mila's First Birthday.  Follow along as I share some of the details of her party.

Knowing that I was going for a Halloween-style party I decided incorporate the colors: black, orange, and white. Along with some fun patterns like chevron and polka dots.

Here's how the invite turned out..

Onto the decorations...this included pom poms of course (my favorite party decorating prop) and a some other decorative shapes, like stars (from the Halloween party decor at Target) and the larger circles (I found at Party City). 

I had to keep up my "First Birthday Tradition" of making a photo banner with all of her monthly pictures from month #1 to month #11. Read more about how I made it here.

Mila's Monthly Photo Banner
Next up was a birthday banner I got off of Etsy. It was a digital document that I printed, cut out and assembled. You can order the banner triangles in any color/style and the same goes for the letters that you purchase separate. The whole thing cost me $4.  ( :

Then I found these paper mache letters at Hobby Lobby and my mom helped me paint them to match the party colors.

Next up was the food, which was pretty simple. Some veggies and homemade hummus, gluten-free pretzels... well as gluten-free, vegan cupcakes (find the recipe here), fruit salad, chips and salsa. It's funny because looking at the table now, it looks a little bare...but when I was getting it all ready I felt like I had so much food to prepare! LOL.

Another shot of the pom pom decor...

Best part of the whole party-prep this time around was that Mila was on what we call a "sleep strike" where she refused to take her morning nap. What did she want to do instead? Cuddle on Nana (my mom and party planning partner in crime!).

She wouldn't even go to me, she just kept saying,
"Nana, Nana."
I wasn't sure she was going to make it until party time without drifting off, but once people started showing up she was awake and ready to see what was going on!
Very interested in her almost 2 week old baby cousin.

Not in the mood for a photo with mom...just ready for some presents!
Then it was time to open up some presents (or for Avery to open up some presents I should say!).

First up, a pretend "smart phone" this was right up her alley as she searches
out every gadget, remote, and phone she can find.

Official Present Unwrapper: Avery. She really did a good job at the party,
I wondered how she would handle a whole party all for her sister, but she
did great (I mean, there were a few meltdowns, but other than that, she
handled it pretty well.) (  :

Playing with her new Frozen Anna doll.

Maybe a shot of us three girls together? Yeah that's not going to happen!
At least I was ready.

Avery trying on the pretend crown for Mila.

After opening presents, Mila snuck away to
rest/text. I told you that girl needed a nap!
Then it was time for her cupcake! Read more here about how and why I chose this cupcake/frosting recipe that's free of refined sugars (sweetened with agave), free of food colorings, gluten-free (uses garbanzo bean flour) and vegan.

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Trying the frosting...

Getting a little messy.

Now she's "all done"! Note the cupcake flying
off the tray.

Then she was off to go outside with her Nana Karen and play
their favorite peek-a-boo game in our play house.

Meanwhile Avery snacked away on some more
fruit back inside.
Then Mila joined her with one of her birthday presents: her very own princess dress! Thanks Aunt Carol for the Rapunzel dress, finally one that is just her size (since she usually tries to put on Avery's).
"Okay Big Sis, tell me what I gotta do with this
dress thing..."
Before the party was over, we watched a video recapping some of our favorite moments from the past year: "Mila's First Year". 

Happy Birthday to you Mila! We sure love you and all the joy, smiles, and fun you bring to our little family.

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