Tuesday, October 15, 2013

39 weeks

Well greenies, the end is near as I am now at 39 weeks! Who knows if this will be my last weekly photo?!

This week's photo background: The background for this week's photo is fitting for the name of my blog...a nice green wall, which I found at a restaurant near downtown Kansas City named Jazz: A Louisiana Kitchen. Personally I've never been to this restaurant, but one of my favorites is nearby (see below!).

The restaurant around the corner is Genghis Khan: Mongolian BBQ. I love this restaurant because it's buffet-syle in how you can pick your own veggies, pasta, and spices and then they will grill it all up for you. Read more about it here and how we've recreated this dish at home.

Here I am with the Brandon, the reason for our visit to Genghis Khan, to celebrate his birthday! Looks like Mila wasn't too interested in sharing in his birthday with him though, since I'm still pregnant as I type this post.  ( :

Celebrating Brandon's birthday
at Genghis Khan.
Now we've been going to Genghis Khan for a while now and I even celebrated my "due date" with Avery by eating there (even though it still took her 11 more days to come out)! Here's a trip back down memory lane of that dinner...

Here we are 2 1/2 years ago celebrating
Avery's due date.

Want to know why I love this place so much? The food, obviously! I love that I can personalize it to fit my gluten-free, vegan diet. Here's my usual plate of tofu, rice noodles, broccoli, corn, onions, mushrooms, carrots, and chipotle powder.

Now although I can get my food gluten-free and vegan here, one aspect of my diet that Genghis Khan can't quite cater to is being GMO-free. Click here to learn what GMOs are and why I avoid them.  After inquiring about their ingredients and finding out that they are "conventionally sourced" I knew it would be best to avoid the top genetically modified foods by just bringing my own. So for me those top foods were tofu and corn. Most of the other veggies and rice noodles, aren't perfect, but are less likely to be genetically modified. So, as crazy as it looks, I cook and bring my own tofu and corn and after getting my dish "cooked" I come back to our table, and stir in some of my own tofu and corn.

Now if I wanted to get really strict with it, I'd be concerned about the cooking oil used on the grill to stir-fry because there's chances it may be canola oil, but when it comes to eating out, I figure this is better than nothing.
The tofu and corn I bring to stay GMO-free even at Genghis

Questions of the week:

1. How big is the baby (with Avery's help)?

This week's food size is a small pumpkin and as you can tell we visited our local pumpkin patch! Here's some of the fun we had there...

Pumpkins straight from the pumpkin patch.

Hanging out with mom.

Was she interested in picking a pumpkin?
Of course not! She had fun wandering
the field and picking up sticks and

There's a small farm that's part of the pumpkin patch, which
is what really captured Avery's attention. We love seeing
the animals and remembering just why we're vegan!

Hey little goat!

Always a good time with Daddy!

Then it was time for my favorite part of the pumpkin patch...where we measure how tall Avery is!

So let's take a look at how much she's grown over the past 2 1/2 years of visits to this same pumpkin patch!

I can't beleive how much she's changed in the past 2 1/2 years! Such a big girl now. I can only imagine that she will seem even bigger once Mila is born. 

Now since we came back empty-handed from the pumpkin patch, we made sure to pick up some pumpkins from the entrance to the pumpkin patch and we thought this one (that's she's holding) was just the right size for Baby Mila this week. 

"I guess I can take a pumpkin home since
we're at the pumpkin patch and all."

2. What I'm eating...
Well, just like I was craving more protein last week, the theme continues this week with these yummy "veggie nuggets" as we call them, and the brand is called Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips. I simply warm them in my toaster oven and then dip them in BBQ sauce. These "mock-chicken strips" taste a lot like real chicken, but minus the "cluck" as they say! They are a perfect afternoon snack to energize me and help keep my protein up as I near the end of my pregnancy.

New favorite snack: Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips and
BBQ sauce.

3. Best moment of the week:
As I get closer and closer to the end of pregnancy, we've been crossing things off our "Mila To-Do List" and getting Avery involved in the process has made it even more fun. Not only has it helped her prepare for all the things we will do once Mila arrives (change her diaper, give her a bath, etc.) but it's helped us refresh our memory as to what it's like to have a newborn. Today's Mila prep: trying out our new double-stroller! Avery was very proud to be in the front of the stroller and made sure to have our "practice Baby Mila" (a doll) in the back seat. Just like all the other baby gear we've been unpacking, I can't wait to see these two together!

Trying out our new double stroller!

So there's no telling greenies if this will be my last post before Baby Mila arrives. Avery was 11 days late, so we'll see if Mila follows her lead? I've been having Braxton-Hicks contractions on occasion, but nothing too uncomfortable or frequent enough to time. So we'll see what the week holds! 

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