Thursday, August 22, 2013

31 Weeks

Hey there greenies, long time no see! Sorry for my absence, I went back to my teaching job a few weeks ago and life has been pretty busy ever since.  As you can see, Mila has been growing right along and I truly have been feeling really good. As I tell all the my friends and family, "She is treating me pretty well." So thanks for that Mila!

This week's photo background: So in honor of my job and being back to work, this week's photo location is outside my school!

One thing that I love about teaching 3-5 year olds is that they hardly even notice, or comment about my ever-growing belly. It often takes me saying, "You know Baby my belly..." and they're like, "Oh that's what that is!"
Here I am in my preschool classroom (clearly I was feeling
stripes for this week's photos!).
I really appreciate their innocence to my belly right now and to not be nagged and told daily, "Whoa you are getting big! You're about to pop! When is that baby coming out, tomorrow?" To them, I'm just their teacher who reads books, plays with them, and of course dances around the room from time to time.   ( :

My students "checking" in on Baby Mila.

Questions of the week:

1. How big is the baby (with Avery's help)?

Oh boy did a spunky little princess join us for this week's photo shoot!  During the potty training I did with Avery this summer, we spent a lot of time in our living room, learning how to use her portable little pink potty and as a result we watch a lot of movies...specifically Disney princess movies and now she is so hooked! Her favorite princesses include: Cinderella (as seen by her dress above), Rapunzel, Bell, and Ariel. So thanks to her Grandma Cheryl and Papa Jerry for this fun, pre-Halloween costume that she loves to wear almost daily (even with the over-sized gloves!).

Mila's head of lettuce "food size" this week, lent it self perfectly for dancing too, which Avery did after we got the official picture for the week out of the way!

Time to dance Mila!

Then my little "Cinderella" went inside, took the lettuce and told us, "I going to make you a wait a minute." This is what was waiting for me when went in the living room...

Who knew Cinderella had such great salad-making skills?!

2. What I'm eating...
Pancakes are my favorite right now! Usually I like my "Sneaky Spinach Pancakes" but during this pregnancy, I've been craving just  plain ol' pancakes. Well, gluten-free, vegan pancakes that is, but still lots of pancakes!

3. Favorite moment of the week: 

A funny story came from being back at my teaching job and being "this pregnant". I still feel great and have no problem getting up and down and all around with my students, but sometimes I forget just how big I really am!
Here I am re-enacting how Baby Mila "blocked" the one
of our vocabulary words this week!

So while reviewing our "vocabulary words for the week", which are displayed below my interactive whiteboard, I was pointing to the picture/words and when I got to the last one (Pete the Cat)... no one said anything! I was like, "We just read this story and we even made a pretend Pete the Cat at our table activity, why doesn't anybody know this?" That's when my para in the class chimed in and said, "Umm, Ashley, Baby Mila is kind of blocking that last picture there!" Those poor kiddos couldn't see a thing, no wonder it was so quiet. Ha! I couldn't stop laughing... not exactly a problem I had before I was pregnant! Let's just say I'm a little more mindful of my belly placement/blocking now. 

See you in two weeks for the next update!

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  1. Avery in that dress- too precious! And mad salad making skillZ!

    You look great! So happy Mila is treating you well!


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