Tuesday, August 6, 2013

29 Weeks

Hey greenies! It's time for a Baby Mila update. We're moving right along into the 3rd trimester so it feels pretty exciting to know that in a few weeks (try 11) Mila will be here!  Here I am now at 29 weeks...

This week's photo background: I returned to Unity Village, a local church and school, for this week's photo background. Back at my 15 week update I used an intricate set of doors as my background and this week I came back to use these cool, aged columns. What can I say this place has some awesome photo locations!

Aged columns on the side of a doorway at Unity Village.

Here's a view of the entire doorway.
The last time we visited Unity was in May, and since then the scenery had changed a bit...the grass was greener, the "big fountains" were on, and the rose bushes were in full bloom.  What a beautiful place! Avery tagged along, but was not in the mood for photos for that day.

I promise I will venture to a new location for the next belly photo shoot! ( :

Questions of the week:

1. How big is the baby (with Avery's help)?
It's my acorn squash sister..."Mila"!

Fast forward a day later and Avery was more than happy to share about Mila's food size this week: an acorn squash! Seems like a size downgrade from 27 week's cauliflower, but I'm going with it. It will be funny to see how these pictures change as the food size keeps getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger!

I've been noticing this cute little dimple
in her chin lately, love it!

Kisses for "Mila".

Now although she's kissing pretend Mila here, Avery's had some "new baby issues" lately, mainly towards Mila's nursery. We've been putting the finishing touches on the room, and as more friends and family come by to see it...Avery gets a bit upset. She'll tell them,  "Here come see MY room."

In fact when my mom and I were driving in the car one day we were discussing the pom pom arrangement we made for Mila's room and Avery stopped us to say, "You no talk about pom poms in the car. You talk about them later." Whoa sister, chill it out!

We try out best to balance our attention to Mila and her room and Avery, just so she feels like she's still important too.  We also try to have her help us with the room, such as picking out toys to put on her shelf, or letting her play in her bed (who knew that could be so fun?), but it's interesting to see how some jealousy is already starting to come out.

On the flip side, when it comes to my belly, Avery gives it nothing but love. Always kissing it, hugging it, and saying, "Hi Mila, Mila, Mila!" (Must be said in repetitions of three). So we'll see how the journey progresses. I'm sure everything will change once Mila is really here...not just a room to fill with more things or just a big belly to hug on!

2. What I'm eating...
My cravings came straight out of my childhood this week, the first being vegan Parmesan cheese and noodles. Probably sounds like an odd combo, but when I was younger the first thing I learned how to "cook" on my own were noodles (so hard I know) and at the time I was obsessed with Kraft Parmesan Cheese. So I combined the two and created, "Parmesan Noodles". Yes, it was a bit dry, but I loved it! 

So when I saw this vegan Parmesan cheese the other day at my local health food store, something struck a memory with me and I just had to try it! Luckily it was vegan, GMO-free, and carrageenan-free (a new food ingredient I now avoid that I will be blogging about soon), so I got some and went right home and made some "Parmesan Noodles."

My "Vegan Parmesan Noodles".

The noodles and Parmesan did not disappoint and I think I might have even got Avery hooked on them now too, because she is always asking for "shake shake cheese" with her noodles.  ( :

Now the cravings didn't end there, another childhood favorite came calling...Rice Krispie Treats. Now it's been years since I've had real Rice Krispie Treats, but when I saw an organic version at my local health food store, I gave them a try.  Now although they weren't bad, I had an itching feeling that I could make them myself...and that I could even make them taste better!

"Nicer Krispie Squares"

Boy was I right! I found a cool, gluten-free and vegan recipe called, "Nicer Krispie Squares" from Dreena Burton's Plant-Powered Kitchen, which you can find here. I love the healthy ingredient list (gluten-free brown rice cereal, cashew butter, brown rice syrup, vanilla, and xylitol) and how they don't give me that sugary-feeling afterwards.  If you love Rice Krispie Treats, you've got to give these a try, they seriously taste just like the real thing, only healthier!

The craving + and the "bump"
causing the craving.

3. Anything new this week?  I think my belly has officially graduated into what I'm going to call "belly size: large." You how clothing sizes run: small, medium, large, etc. Well, this week my pregnancy belly feels like it's at a "large" and growing! Case in point, my previous belly sizes:




In case you're wondering, here's some characteristics of the "belly size: large":
  • only being able to sleep in two positions: on the left side or the right side (because laying on your back is no longer an option thanks to a growing, heavy baby)
  • having to turn your body to the side when chopping food at the counter, cooking at the stove or washing dishes because your belly sticks out so much that you have to hunch over just to reach what you're trying to do (refer to Rice Krispie picture above)
  • all the shirts you were trying to make fit from "pre-pregnancy" or early pregnancy have become tight, stretched, and uncomfortable (and they're probably showing some of your low belly at this point as well)
  • baby movements going from being just kicks to full on swimming-like motions that you swear even people across the room can see
  • you start getting asked the question, "So when are you due?" and when you reply they say, "Oh..."

Now don't get me wrong, I love the "belly size: large" I'm at right now because it means that Mila is one happy, healthy growing girl. I just find it funny that once you hit THIS belly size, pregnancy just seems to change the way you do EVERYTHING, from sleeping to walking to just watching TV. Now considering the fact that I still have 11 weeks to go, I have a feeling that I'm on track to graduate up to "belly size: extra large" which is just fine with me. Let the growing continue Mila, you can take up all the belly you want.

Anyone else relate to this feeling of the different belly sizes and how once you reached "the large size" that everything changed? Share below!

See you in two weeks for the next update where I'll be making my way into the 30's (weeks that is).  ( :

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