Monday, May 27, 2013

19 Weeks

Well we're getting pretty close to halfway in this pregnancy journey! Here I am at 19 weeks...

This week's photo background: This week's spot is no ordinary brick wall...

It's the gym where Brandon and I met over 10 years ago! Back then it went by a different name, but the location is still the same. Funny story about how we met...we both actually would go to the gym at the same time, every single day just to see each other (but we would never talk). Obviously we were both too shy and just figured it was a coincidence that the other just happened to workout at the same time. 
The gym (that now goes by a different name)
where Brandon and I met 10 years ago.
But luckily after four long months of drooling over each other, a mutual friend introduced us. We went out on our first date later that week and have been together ever since. The reason I chose the location for this week is that our 6 year wedding anniversary is later in the week, so I figured it would be best to give thanks to the place that made it all happen. Ironically, about a year after we started dating, we both cancelled our membership and started working out from home, and haven't been back since taking this photo.  ( : 

Here we are at our wedding six years ago...

So glad you decided to get a
membership at the gym, Brandon!

When coming back to the gym this time, things were obviously a little different, since it was no longer just the two of us! Make way for Avery...

"Mom...just smile like THIS!"

Without this place, Avery wouldn't even be here! Kind of crazy to think about. Anyone else meet their significant other at the gym? Share below.

"I workout too!"

Questions of the week:

1. How big is the baby (with Avery's help)?

To eat or not to eat...

Clearly the most tempting food to date for Avery. So tempting in fact that you can already see a few bites taken from it!

A few minutes later, there was no taking it back. Luckily
she took a break so I could peel it. 

2. What I'm eating...
A glass of water with crushed ice is my favorite thing right now. Usually after dinner I crave some type of sweet treat or dessert, but lately all I want is a nice, big glass of water (with crushed ice). Maybe it's because the weather is getting warmer here in the Midwest, or by the end of the day I realize I haven't drank enough water so I have a sudden urge to get some hydration...but either way it's my favorite thing right now. 

Okay that was an innocent pregnancy craving...I still have my crazy cravings though there aren't that many. This week's is Trader Joe's Ridge Cut Salt & Pepper Potato Chips dipped in Trader Joe's Bold & Smoky Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce. Kind of strange, like most pregnancy cravings, but pretty dang good when you need a salty snack. And after learning all about GMOs I'm happy to find a GMO-free snack from Trader Joe's who's store brand of products are all GMO-free. Yeah!

Just a chip dipped in BBQ sauce...
nothing to see here. 

3. Anything new this week? I mentioned earlier that Brandon and I's wedding anniversary is coming up later this week and that is actually the same day that we will be having our Gender Reveal Party! Avery's Gender Reveal Party was one of my favorite memories of her entire pregnancy...

Here we are after the cake has been cut and I can see the
"pink" icing! 
For this Gender Reveal Party we are mixing things up a bit and we're going to be revealing the gender in a different way, so be sure to stay tuned later this week to find out what it is. Feel free to cast your vote below as to whether you think it's a boy or a girl. Avery's vote changes daily, which just cracks me up, but she does tend to lean more to saying it's a girl, so we'll see if she's right!

4. Best moment of the week: Feeling kicks! Back around 18 weeks I started to feel a random kick here or there, but in this past week, the movement has really increased. Granted, it's still small enough and not frequent enough for Brandon to feel, but I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before him and Avery can both watch and feel the kicks. In the mean time, I'll enjoy these little kicks to myself.

Here's Avery determined to feel a kick or just "tickle"
the baby, as she calls it.
One time when I feel it the most is when I'm a bit hungry and then I take the first bite of whatever I'm eating, bam...then I'll get a little kick. Almost to say, "It's about time Mom! I was hungry in here, keep that food coming!"Another common time is when I'm laying in bed, about to fall asleep, that's when the movement party begins. Or maybe I've just finally slowed down enough to really feel the movement, but either way, I love how it feels. Now if I could just know who/what to call "it" I'd be set!

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