Monday, May 13, 2013

17 Weeks

It's that time of the week again, update time! Here I am at 17 weeks....

This week's photo background: This week's spot was in honor of my mom for Mother's Day, so what better place than they back of her house! This is the place where I lived during my teen and college years, and with as much time as I still spend over there, I consider it my second home.
Photo location: my parent's house.

Here we are celebrating Mother's Day with my mom. Thanks for putting up with your crazy green daughter and for helping me with this, also crazy, 2 year old! We love you Nana Karen!  ( :

Never a dull moment (or photo shoot) with Avery involved.

Questions of the week:

1. How big is the baby (with Avery's help)?

Not only did the onion make a great swinging companion, Avery also had fun throwing the onion, loading it in her pretend jeep, and giving it to our dog Jill. Who knew these fruits and veggies could be so fun!

2. What I'm eating...
I've never been one to love mayonnaise or Miracle Whip, but when walking the aisles of my favorite health food store one day something about this Chipotle-flavored Vegenaise that just sounded good. Thank you baby for pushing me to give this new food a try because now I'm hooked (and so is Brandon!). This Vegenaise is great for dipping baby carrots in as well as chips, pretzels, crackers. It's also good on sandwiches, veggie burgers, and even burritos. Beware though, it does have a pretty good kick to it, but that's why I like to eat it with the baby carrots because they mellow the flavor a tad bit. know it's good when the picture makes you WANT IT RIGHT NOW!

Chipotle Vegenaise=awesome snack!

3. Anything new this week? Not much really, just an intense drive to always be barefoot. I'm not sure if I just can't stand to have "hot feet" (socks are my enemy right now) or my pregnant body wants to be "grounded" to the earth, but either way you can find me barefoot as often as possible these days. What's the saying, "barefoot and pregnant"? I'm not sure what the merit is to that or where it came from, but it rings pretty true to the way I feel right now, so I'm glad that summer is upon us so I can be barefoot more often.

 Happily living up to the saying "barefoot and pregnant".

Knowing what I know from my experience with Earthing (read more here) or in this book I read a few years back about barefoot running: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall   (the reason why I wear these shoes when I run or workout) I know that there's a lot of science to it: my feet can actually feel where I'm walking instead of walking blind with the cushion of super-supportive shoes, and when I'm barefoot on the grass I know my body is absorbing negative electrons from the Earth's surface that can help reduce inflammation in the body. But fancy science aside, all I know is I love it when my shoes are off and I can be barefoot!

4. Best moment of the week: Hearing the heart beat during a prenatal appointment with our amazing midwife, Lisa! You just never get tired of hearing that sound when you're pregnant. Avery loved hearing it as well and has been making me lay down on the couch daily so she can check it with her pretend stethoscope. 

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