Wednesday, May 1, 2013

15 Weeks

Hey everyone, time for my 15 week update! These past two weeks have been pretty busy with getting ready for Avery's 2nd birthday party, and I had spring-parent teacher conferences at my school. So it's nice to see the end of the school year in sight (only a few weeks left) and that things are starting to slow down a bit...or as slow as they can get with a running, climbing, dancing toddler in your house.

Baby #2 has been doing some growing since week 9 as you can see below!

This week's photo background: This week we headed to a memorable spot for us, Unity Village, a local church and well as a hot spot for local photographers.

The significance of this location for us is that we had our engagement pictures taken close to 6 years ago here...literally in this exact doorway.
Our engagement pictures (in the same
doorway) 6 years ago!
I've always loved these doors, so intricate and beautiful, so I knew I we had to get one of the pregnancy photos here. Avery thought the doors were pretty entertaining as well, except she really was wanting them to have a doorbell or for the door to actually open and close.

Love this door!

Ding dong!
After the pic, we had fun walking around and enjoying the nice day. Avery played a little peek-a-boo with Brandon and then became quite mesmerized over a water fountain.

"O M G!"

These little bi-weekly photo shoots are turning into fun little adventures for our family.  ( :

Questions of the week:

1. How big is the baby (with Avery's help)?

Like how she's cuddling and caring for the orange? We told her how the orange is the size of the baby right now, and I think she heard "baby" and went into "baby-care mode" by cuddling, hugging, and patting the orange. If only baby care was that easy. 

2. What I'm eating...
Nothing too exciting right now, just loving the smoothie that I love starting each day "Chocolate Ice Cream Smoothie." I make it with rice milk, hemp seeds, chia seeds, cacao powder, frozen bananas, and frozen strawberries and I think it tastes just like chocolate ice cream (but maybe that's just me).

3. Anything new this week? Not much really, just starting to get excited to find out the gender of this baby. What can I say, the planner in me wants to get going on some nursery planning!  Now even though we are still about a month away from our gender reveal party, I'm starting to gather ideas since we will be trying something different from the cake cutting reveal we did with Avery.

4. Best moment of the week: Starting up my Hypnobirthing practice again. You can read again in this post and this post about how I used Hypnobirhting to help me prepare for Avery's birth, but since it's my second, I definitely feel much more confident going into this labor and delivery. But I will still make time for practice.

Now to start Hypnobirhting up again, I did something pretty easy...take a nap! Or what I would call  a "Hypnobirthing nap".  Basically I listened to my favorite Hypnobirthing track by Aaron Aldridge from the CD, "Gentle Surge". There are two tracks on this CD, one with a guided relaxation and visualization, and the other is just a music track. I find the first guided track best to practice during pregnancy, and the music track is what I used to get me though Avery's labor.  I like to do the guided relaxation one now and usually I'll drift off to the second one if I have time. Truly, these tracks give me practice relaxing my body and visualizing the birth of my baby in a positive, affirming way. I love them.  Granted I only got to try this once last week, where as when I was pregnant with Avery I did them DAILY! But, life's a little busier now, so I'm just doing what I can when I have the time...and that's okay. 

See you in two weeks!

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