Saturday, April 6, 2013

23 Months Old

 It's hard to believe this will be our last monthly post before Avery turns 2! Now each month it hasn't always been the easiest to remember to do these posts or find the time, but looking back, I'm so glad I did them. It's fun to look each month and see what Avery was interested in at the time and how much she's changed in a year's time. But enough reminiscing, we've got an update to get to! 

For this month's post, I figured I'd time her monthly pic with Easter since she was pretty excited about it. My prediction was right because she was on cloud nine all day with seeing family, hunting for eggs, and finding all the fun treasures and treats inside. When it came time for her picture, she was ready to ham it up...

We've mastered the "cheese" smile.

See what I mean? Silly girl!
Quite a change from Easter last year...

Here's some more of the fun she had this Easter...

Such a sneaky Easter girl!

"What inside?"

"I found it!"

Inside some of the eggs were some little animal figures.
She acted as if they were real animals and took the best
care of them, petting them like babies and carefully
placing them in Grandpa's care. 

Let's get onto what she's been up to this past month...

1. Favorite thing to do: Playing the snow! This past month we got slammed with two big winter storms and so I enjoyed a few snow days and Avery enjoyed some time playing in the snow. 

Going for a sled ride.

"Snow is so much fun!"

Here she is in the second snow we got, where it was a bit
warmer after it, so we were hat-free!

"I so excited!" (her favorite thing to say in the snow)

Little Miss Snowy Pants

What's the best thing to do after a day in the snow?
Cuddle on the couch with Daddy and watch a movie...
don't forget to wear matching shirts too!

2. Favorite song: "Someone Like You" by Adele. Every time we get in the car she'll say, "I need Adele please." So we listen to this song, usually followed by "Rolling in the Deep." All I can say is Adele, you have a fan...she may be almost 2, but you have a fan!  Here's her favorite video version of "Someone Like You," she likes that you can see the piano player and Adele.

3. Favorite book: Hello, School Bus!  By Marjorie Blain Parker. Not exactly the most well-known book in the world,  but the simple, rhyming text of this book paired with Avery's love for the song, "The Wheels on the Bus" makes for one great book. We read it often and she can even help me finish some of the lines.

4. Favorite food: Frozen raspberries. You got that right...frozen! Every dinner usually ends with a few frozen raspberries.

5. Favorite thing to say: 
"I'm naked!" Just having a shirt off when getting dressed or changing her diaper will lead her to say, "I'm naked!" But our favorite "naked line" came during dinner one night when we were about to finish and Avery said, "Bath time next?" We said, "Yes." She replied..."I be naked in a minute!" You can bet we couldn't stop laughing!

Other favorites from this month:

  • "What's next?"
  • "Where'd it go?"
  • "What just happened?!"
  • "Where are YOU going?"
  • "What are YOU eating?"
  • "I'm sad...I'm happy!"
  • "I need.....(iPad, Adele, smoothie, Rice Chex, Despicable Me!)" Now we're just working on adding a little "please" to those lovely little requests.  ( :
  • "Two more minutes..."
  • Not to mention singing her favorite songs, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "The ABCs," and "B-I-N-G-O"

Two last "Crazy Avery" pics to send you off with:

Just a little "down dog" yoga on the tile floor...

Her favorite place to hang out: the fridge.
Who would have thought?
Love that sneaky face though!

See you next month for the big party! ( :

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  1. Cutest little girl ever!

    She sounds like a riot! She's also very pretty and has a pretty rad wardrobe.

    I can't believe she loves soulful Adele at age two! Darling!


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