Monday, March 4, 2013

22 Months Old

Well it's that time again, our little girl has continued to grow bigger, and bigger, and bigger (as she would say) and it's now time for her to turn 22 months old!  

"Happy Monthly Birthday to Me!"

"Let me help you with these numbers a little bit Mom."

"I think you need a little cleaning help

This month has been full of fun, spunk, and personality as Avery continues to grow more, talk more, and as with every toddler...get into EVERYTHING! Let's check out her favorite things for this month:

1. Favorite thing to do: Skateboarding (or at least just wearing the pads and helmet) with her Daddy.  She loves to get all decked out in her skateboarding gear and then has Brandon do the same. The two then ride (by sitting) all around the house.

"Someone is ready to ride!"

Testing out her helmet.

"Push me over there Daddy!"

My two skateboarding loves.

Riding on her own.

Be careful! Thank goodness for that
helmet. Rest assured, this picture
makes the fall look much worse than
it actually was!

She sure loves her skateboarding time with Daddy!

But I'm not left of her favorite things to do is to help me cook. We make muffins, pancakes, and all sorts of things. One of her favorite things to do is to taste all the different flours that I use, somehow the flour always ends up on her nose and mouth, then she calls you over for what she calls a "flour kisses" so that you get flour on your nose and mouth as

Time for some "flour kisses!"

2. Favorite song: "Somebody that I Used to Know" by Gotye. Here's the version she likes...

3. Favorite book: Spot a Cat by Lucy Micklethwait. In this book a variety of art pieces are shown with hidden cats, she loves to find them!

4. Favorite food: Raw mushrooms chopped...who would have thought?!

5. Favorite thing to say: "Yes." As if we didn't have conversations enough, "yes" has made it's way in...which is a welcome change from the often used "no"! The best part is how she says it, which sounds more like: "yesh". Example: "Do you want to go see Nana Karen?" "Yesh." "Do you want to go eat at Chipotle?" "Yesh." "Do you want to take a nap?" "NO!"

Other favorites from the month:
"Hey what cha' doin' over there Daddy?"
"Be careful Mommy!
"What's Avery doing?"
"Give Jilly treat?"

Other fun highlights from this past month:

Hanging out with mom..yes, camera man
you get a wave even though she's
busy with our iPod.

I may not skateboard, but we still have fun!
Cuddle time with Jilly.
Now for a look at the goofy side of Avery...

Case #1: Dancing on her Valentine box in her PJs, holding her smoothie.

Just a little bed head dance session!

Check out my moves...
Case #2: Just a typical Saturday night with Avery...sitting in her pretend baby stroller, with sunglasses on, wearing her Hello Kitty slippers, chilling with her stuffed animal Nibbles, all while snacking on some raw mushrooms.
What a hoot!
Now although she may do a lot of things like Daddy, there are some signs of me in there too, see below...

That's my girl...doing the neti pot.
See you next month for the last monthly post before she turns two!

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