Sunday, October 7, 2012

17 Months Old

Make way, make way...big girl coming through! It seems so weird to be writing "17 months" for the post this month, I can't believe that next month I can start calling her a "one-and-a-half year old". Her development this past month has just been fascinating to watch as she is just like a sponge, soaking up new words, new experiences ..and of course a few new dance moves. As you can tell by the pictures, her personality and sense of humor come out more and more each day. In the past month we've developed a few more routines, she started sleeping all the way through the night, and she took up an interest in drawing. I'll tell you all about it and more in this month's post.

Let's start with her 17 month photo shoot, which I've learned is not an official "photo shoot", just a time in the day when I can combine the sign, Avery, and my camera all in one place to hopefully capture a picture. This mama has learned all too well. So let's see how it turned out....

Success! The "monthly photo shoot" stars must have aligned for this one, catching little Miss Diva and the sign all at the same time...sweet! Thanks Avery.

Now for some other fun shots from our shoot...

"I guess I can smile for you Mom."

She was smiling like crazy here
because she just threw the 17 month
sign across the room...silly girl!

Can you tell it was almost nap time? Here she is in
"Sesame Street" land.

Before the nap, I did manage to squeeze one more
happy photo out of her as she helped me
decorate the sign with some chalk.

Here's a little bit more about what else she's been up to this past month:

1. Favorite food: Blueberries, without a doubt. She'll eat upwards of 30-60 blueberries at a time! "Blue-bees" as she calls them. If there was a blueberry eating contest, I think Avery might win it not only because of how many she can put away, but how quickly she can eat Other favorite, raw mushrooms!

2. Favorite activity: sweeping leaves with Daddy on the back porch, as you saw in this post. Brandon will get his broom, Avery will get her little broom and "a sweeping" they will go. 

Second favorite activity: Drawing or "draw draw" as Avery calls it. We've accumulated some craft supplies over the past few months and at least once or twice each day, we have some art time at our kitchen table.

The artist at work.

I found this little drawer storage container at Wal-Mart for $5 and I thought it would be a great thing to help organize our art supplies and make it for "Avery-friendly". So if she wants a marker, she knows what drawer to look in...and if she needs to put her crayon away, there's a place for it.

It's fun to see what art supplies SHE wants to choose.

Here's today's masterpiece...

We let her help us display them on the
fridge, our "Avery Gallery".

3. Favorite word: "Running". Aside from all the funny words and phrases she's been saying lately, "running" is the one that sums up the past month, because she really has been running everywhere! This words cracks us up the most because she says it while she's doing it. So I'll tell her, "Okay Avery, it's time to change your diaper." She'll look at me at start sprinting down the hallway away from me, yelling "Running!" (as if to state the obvious).  Even better, sometimes she'll say, "Avery running."  Silly girl.

4. Favorite book: Bingo! by Rosemary Wells. Combine two of Avery's favorite loves: dogs and letters, you've got an instant classic on your hands. This board book is a shortened version of the classic "B-I-N-G-O" song, with fun dog illustrations, which Avery loves. 

This is her favorite page where the dog has a shoe in his mouth, she insists on disciplining him and saying, "Oh no! No no Bingo!"

"Oh no, Bingo!"

Well that wraps up 17 months...but before we go, how about some "kisses" from Avery. If you saw her somewhere  she'd probably be telling you "Bye Bye! Love you!" at this point. (  :

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