Friday, September 7, 2012

16 Months Old

Hey everybody, time to take a break from green tips and vegan food to talk about my "not-so-little" Avery. Can you believe she's 16 months? Me neither. I'm telling you, these monthly photo shoots are not getting any easier. I tried a few different set ups this month and after pulling my hair out, I have officially abandoned the idea of getting her to hold the sign. Toddlers and props aren not the best combo! Lesson learned Avery, lesson learned. So I went with just placing it in the shot and letting her do her thing. Although the sign is cropped, the shot is clear...haleluigh!

Not before we did a little jumping on the bed that is...

Looking a little bit older than she did at 13 months!

Let's learn a little bit more about what's been going on with Avery this past month:

1. Favorite food: Frozen strawberries or "Straw-be" as Avery calls them. Crazy girl eats these things straight out of the freezer! Can you believe that? I think they feel good on her "teething gums".
Frozen strawberries, Avery's favorite food.
Munching on her frozen "straw-bes"

She makes the funniest faces when eating the frozen strawberries!
Like, "Whoa these things are cold, but I'm going to eat
them anyways!"

Yep, teeth are still coming in! Note the
"chewing hands".

Another favorite food...crushed ice! I know it's probably not the best thing for her to eat, but she loves it and once again, it helps with her teeth.

Gotta love a "teething baby"!

2. Favorite activity: Lots to share about this, but I'd say her first favorite activity has to be playing with our dogs, Jackson and Jilly. Usually she plays with Jilly more because she'll tolerate her "playing" better, our other dog, Jackson, usually just tries to run from her. Let's see all the things Avery likes to do with Jilly...

Climb on her...

Cuddle with her...

"This is Jilly, she's my buddy."

Dogs definently make her happy!

When it's time to give Jilly a break, Avery heads to her new favorite toy: her rocking horse! I found this horse at a Goodwill store while on our trip to Colorado in July for $5! Seriously...$5. Love the green-ness of getting things at Goodwill. Aside from the fun rocking motion, if you press the ear it makes horse sounds.  Avery likes to get on and get going really fast and then she'll say, "Whoa....whoa...whoa!" It's quite funny!

Last favorite activity of the month: drawing.  We had some issues with this back when we first gave her a crayon or piece of chalk, because she would instantly put it in her mouth. We'd say, "No" or "Stop" and it would go right back in the mouth. But after some practice, she got better at it and now has some fun drawing! She'll request "draw draw" as she calls it, and we just sit back and watch to see what masterpiece she will create, he he! Here's some of her drawing samples...

"Need a little help with the sign for
this month Mom?"

"Oh yeah, drawing is pretty fun."

"Maybe I'll lay down while I draw, that's cool too right?"

3. Favorite word: So many words to choose from this month...her language is just exploding and each day it seems as though there are new words. Here's some of our favorites:
"Pink puppy and yellow puppy". She doesn't go anywhere
without these two puppies, they are her buddies! Look
for them in various pictures throughout this post.
"Baby...wah wah" Avery loves talking about babies and
especially singing the "baby verse" from "Wheels on the Bus".
Here she is with her 2 month old cousin, Norah.

"La U!" (love you)
This is by far our favorite phrase of the month. She says this all the time when someone leaves, even random strangers at the grocery might get a "La U shout out" as they walk past. Her favorite people to say it to are definently Daddy and Mommy, and lately she's even been adding a name to the end of it like, "La U Dad". You know how to melt my heart baby girl! In fact she says this so much I caught myself saying it to Brandon the other day...not "Love you", but "La U!" I'm talking like a toddler.

4. Favorite book: Animal Alphabet by Alex A. Lluch. Avery's been loving alphabet books lately, she calls them "A-B books". Like how she leaves out the "C"? ( :  This is one of her favorites because it combines letters with her second love, animals. Even better, there are pieces for each letter to slide to reveal an animal that starts with that letter.

Sliding the pictures to reveal the animals.

Well I think that wraps it up here for this little green family. We'll see you next month!

Puppies how did you get in this picture?! ( :

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