Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WIAW & A Farmstead Field Trip

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's that time of the week again, to find out what Avery and I are up to...and what we're eating of course. This week we also went on a fun little "field trip" to a local farmstead where Avery got to meet a number of farm animals, which she was very excited about! Scroll down if you want to see some farm fun!

Now for this week's food you may notice that I'm back to my old routine of lots of snacks. I'm doing this mainly because I've been getting up at my usual "in school" time of 4:45 AM. Although it's not too fun when the alarm clock goes off, I'm able to get my workout in, shower, and get ready for the day all before Avery wakes up! I love that. Maybe it's because I'm so used to that routine during the school year that it feels weird to sleep in and not even get my workout in until nearly lunch time.  Don't get me wrong, I still make time to relax and chill out each day (and still sleep in on others!), just not

Enough rambling about me and my need for routines and schedules, let's get to talking about food! Be sure to check in on Jenn's Peas & Crayons blog to see more of the "What I Ate Wednesday" fun. Last week there were nearly 200 bloggers who took part in the weekly link up...awesome!

Here's Avery and I's gluten-free, vegan food for the day...

5:15 AM Just woke up snack: Rice Chex Cereal with
Vanilla Coconut Milk

Workout: 1 hour pilates with 10 Minute Solutions Rapid Results Pilates DVD.

Avery's breakfast: EnvrioKidz Organic Peanut Butter Panda Puffs
with SO Delicious Sugar-Free Vanilla Coconut Milk.

"Wait one this that panda cereal I love?"

8:00 AM Breakfast: Chocolate Ice Cream Smoothie
Chia seeds, hemp seeds, raw cacao powder, rice milk,
2 frozen bananas, 5 frozen strawberries

9:15 AM First Morning Snack: Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar

10:30 AM 2nd Morning snack: Gluten-free, vegan pancakes 
from Cinnamon Quill with Maple Agave Nectar.
12:00 Green Juice: Apple Juice +

12:30 Lunch: "Veggie Sizzle Burritos" with zucchini,
mushrooms, onions, and green peppers on corn tortillas with
Daiya cheddar cheese...and of course some homemade
guacamole and corn tortilla chips on the side!
2:00 PM Afternoon Snack: Almond Dream Strawberry Yogurt

As I said before, we went on a "field trip" today to a cool local attraction called, Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. Aside from having all kinds of farm animals for kids to see and learn about, it's free! (Well, Monday-Thursday is free, Friday and Saturday cost $2). Check out the fun we had as some of the characters from Avery's favorite books came to life!

Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead in Overland Park, KS.
My parents joined us since they are off on summer break too
(yep, you guessed it they're both teachers like me!).

Here's the look she had on her face when she saw the first

"Mmmmmm" as Avery would say.

Still working on saying goat, or something related to a goat.
We saw enough of them there, I'm sure she'll
know them well now!

For horses, she makes a clicking sound with her mouth.

Onto the ducks...
"Look Mom look!"

"Ha ha ha" (hop hop hop) of her favorites!

Fun with Papa Frank.

Even from the stroller, she found lots of things to point at.

Like that finger pointing at the bench? She was pointing for my
grandpa to join us on the bench-lol.

My favorite shot: peeking around the stroller.

Those yawns let us know it was time to call it a day at the Farmstead. I have a feeling we'll be back there again soon.

4:00 PM Afternoon Snack #2: organic strawberries for
the drive home.

We also had some of Avery's new favorite snacks...
Veggie Straws!

Next on the schedule...a nap! Can you believe I typed that? Let's just call it my reward for getting up at 5 AM on my summer break! I've been trying to get in the habit of taking just a short nap each day (25 minutes) just to relax, rest, and re-energize myself for the evening. So when Avery goes down for her afternoon nap, so do I. I set my alarm for 25 minutes and I zone out to my favorite relaxation track: "Gentle Surge" by Aaron Aldridge. This was the track I listened to when I gave birth to Avery and I have been hooked ever since. (In case you're wondering, I do track #2 that does not have any's just music). I highly recommend it for birthing, or just general relaxation.

5:30 Evening Snack: "Chocolate Vanilla Smoothie": vanilla
coconut milk, Chocolate Sun Warrior Rice Protein Powder,
Spinach, 1 1/2 frozen bananas, 3 frozen strawberries

7:00 PM Dinner: "Tofu Mushroom Stroganoff" a favorite
in this "green" house! Baked tofu with mushrooms, vegan
sour cream, and gluten-free noodles.
"My favorite...tofu mushroom stroganoff!"

Finger-lickin' good.

Well, that's our food and farm fun for the day. See you next week for some more adventures!

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