Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday (with Avery!)

Look who's joining me for What I Ate Wednesday this's Avery! Here's our food for the day as we celebrated our first day of summer vacation together!  Hope she's up for all the WIAW shenanigans this summer...oh wait, it's Avery and she loves to eat, I know she'll be game! Let's just hope you guys are all up for lots of "messy baby face" photos.  
"I'm crashing the WIAW party this week!"

As for today's food, you may notice that it's looks a little different than it has in the past because my day is totally different. Instead of getting up at 5 AM to workout, get ready and go to school (I'm a teacher), I sleep until about 7:30 or 8:00 when Avery gets up and then my day starts from there. As a result, I eat a bit less, and the times are a little less structured.

Let's jump right into my gluten-free, vegan food for the day, and join me this week to see what my 13 month old ate (besides her usual multiple nursing sessions!).

8:00AM Breakfast: Chocolate Ice Cream Smoothie
Chia seeds, hemp seeds, raw cacao powder, rice milk, 
2 frozen bananas, 5 frozen strawberries

Avery had some organic strawberries for breakfast.
She loves these things right now!

Of course she had to wash it down with some of my Chocolate
Ice Cream Smoothie!

Then while playing in the living room, we were greeted by
this bird that was determined to try and get in our house!
He just kept hanging out on our windowsill and flying up
against the window. Thanks for the entertainment little guy!

Workout: 1 hour yoga with "The Skinnygirl Workout" with Bethenny Frankel.

Post-workout snack: 1 banana

12:30 PM: Check out this fancy lunch...sike! Just leftovers.
Kind of a random combo: Vegan Garlic Cream Cheese pasta from
Vegan Food: More Than Tofu and Sprouts, steamed broccoli with Cheddar
 Dayia cheese, and Vegan Pizza Quinoa Casserole from Peas & Thank You.

Dessert: Chocolate Chip Blondies (actually made from chickpeas)
from Chocolate-Covered Katie topped with this sugar-free,
vegan frosting.
A fork and bowl always excites her at lunch.

Trying hard to keep that foot under the table, but someone
was not wanting to.

Then I broke out my air popper and popped some popcorn, which I let her get messy with (and of!). It was her first time having popcorn, and she loved it! I didn't add any oil, butter or salt, just plain, air-popped, organic popcorn.

"Do you guys know about this popcorn
stuff? It's awesome!"

Then we played with our front door. Yes, you read that right, we played with our front door. She's really into doors right now and she loves to open and close them over and over, and over again!

"Who's there?"

"Oh, it's just me!"

3:30 Afternoon snackRudi's Multigrain gluten-free
toast with organic strawberry spread and Earth Balance vegan butter.

Apparently I made the toast look "too good" in the picture because
someone just had to get their hands on it!

So she joined me for a piece of toast with a little strawberry jelly too.

"I love toast!" (See that bump on her eyebrow, well that was
some "door fun" gone bad. Sometimes she's a little too strong
for the door!

"I also like watching the dogs outside."

Just hanging out with my girl.

Wanna see what we call "Avery-geddon?" Check out our living
room after a day of playing. Her new play area is the couch, and
we take off the cushions and she loves' "bouncing around" on it.
Like her pose? "Yeah, I conqured this couch!"

5:00 Afternoon Snack #2: "Chocolate Vanilla Smoothie": vanilla 
coconut milk, Chocolate Sun Warrior Rice Protein Powder,
spinach, 1 1/2 frozen bananas, 3 frozen strawberries
Avery got several sips of this too.

6:00 PM: "Green Juice" (apple juice + green powder)

Then we headed over to my parent's house to watch The Bachelorette (a weekly must for us!). Any other Bachelorette fans? Who's your favorites right now? Post below.
7:00 PM Dinner: Sol Cuisine Original Burger.with
 Vegan BBQ Baked Beans and Alexia Waffle Sweet Potato Fries 

Dessert: Oops, I did it again! Another frosted Chocolate Chip Blondie
from Chocolate-Covered Katie. What can I say? I'm on summer vacation!

You know Avery loved this dinner.

"Beans and sweet potatoes, my favorite!"

Then she headed off for a walk with her Grandma
 and Grandpa...

...and I got to work on getting this post ready for you!

Well we'll see you all next week for some more Ash & Avery WIAW fun!

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