Sunday, March 11, 2012

10 Months Old

Well month #10 has arrived. Double digits. We're breaching in on one year and it's hard to imagine what life was like before Avery was here...oh wait, I bet I was more rested, I got more blog posts done (on time!), and my house was much cleaner. But what fun is all that without this little cutie to love?

So let's move right along to her 10 month post. As you can see the growing continues. This month her face has taken on new and hilarious expressions, her hair continues to grow, and she is getting more and more mobile.

Let's take a look at how much she's grown since month 1...
One Month

Ten Months

As you'll see from her stats, she has gained one pound this last month and grown one inch. This puts her in 90th percentile for her weight and above 100 percentile for her height.

The highlight of the photo shoot this month was practicing her new skill called "feet first". These are the words we use when she is trying to go down the stairs, as opposed to just nose-diving it all the way down. She picked up on the "feet first" cue pretty quick and now uses it almost always on the stairs.

Practicing "feet first" on the stairs.

She's also transferred the idea to other surfaces, like this chair, which doesn't pan out so well when you're trying to take a still shot.
Time to get out of here.

Feet first right?

I made it down!

Oh and she also does "feet first" to get down from our platform bed!

Here come the feet.

Easing down.


And down!

Where to next?

Here's some other outtakes from the photo shoot...

A common Avery-position: side hurdler stance.

My favorite "scrunchy face".

Speaking of dogs...they have become her new favorite thing this past month. I guess you could say that's her first official word, other than the "Da da, na na, ma ma, ga ga" we've been getting for the past couple of months. She loves them so much that first word she says when wakes up everyday is, "Dog!" and she will usually want you to take her downstairs to go see the dogs right that instant. Luckily she sees dogs everywhere she goes, with two at our house, some grandparents' houses, as well as our sitter's house. On top of that our dogs have been doing pretty good to adjusting to her (with some help from Brandon).
Jilly and Avery

"I love that dog!"

"Hi Jill."

Something fun she's been doing a lot of this month is standing. She stands a lot during her playtime while holding on with one hand, or sometimes no hands. Crusing along our furniture and the walls is a favorite activity of her's right now as well too. Occasionally she'll venture out and take a step or two on her own, especially when her hands are occupied or a dog is nearby.  It sure seems like walking may be around the corner, we'll see what the next couple of months hold for us.

"Watch me stand guys."

Wonder who she's watching?
The dogs of course.

"Where could they be?"

"Look dogs, no hands!"

She also likes to stand at the windows.

At the fridge.

"Organic spinach is my favorite."
At the cabinets...that she loves to open. We just had to
install the child locks onto these due to one curious
little girl!

We've even cleared a shelf in our pantry where I keep
"Avery-friendly" items for her to play my

During this past month,  Avery got to celebrate her first Valentine's Day. Although she celebrated it with a fun little tutu, I got into the decorating spirit once again (remember Christmas?) and added several Valentine decor items all around the house. It cracks me up that I hardly decorated for holidays before, but now that Avery's here I feel the urge to decorate the house.

Decor from Hobby Lobby.

Sign from Wal-Mart.

Decor from Hobby Lobby.

From Kohls.

My para at school even found some Valentines that
were right up my alley: Ecofriends Valentines!  ( :

Avery then had some fun with her Valentine's Day outfit...

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

"Is this how you wear a tutu?"

Then Avery did her very own Pinterest craft...a heart made out of her foot print for Valentine's Day.  I did this craft with my preschool students for their parents and I thought it would be fun to try it with Avery.

So one night after dinner, we kept her hands busy and painted her feet!

Then stamped them on a paper.

The finished product. I think I will have fun looking
back on those tiny little feet in years to come.

Unfortunately around Valentine's Day, Avery got sick with her first real "cold". She didn't have much of a fever, but she did have a cough, runny nose, sneezing, and I could tell she was in some kind of pain (head/ear/or teeth...I didn't know). As you can imagine, I tried every "green medicine" I could find, but after 5 days of a miserable, sick, and not sleeping baby we had to do something different. So we took her to Urgent Care and discovered that she had an ear infection...the medication: antibiotics. Duh duh duh. ) :

Sick Avery  ) :

Normally I'm anti-antibiotics just because I feel like they are way over prescribed to babies and adults alike. But in this case, Avery was miserable and I was ready for her to have some relief. So, I put my green pride aside, gave my baby some amoxicillin and within a day or two she started to get better. Thank goodness. I'm sure other green mamas can relate that green remedies can only take you so far. Sometimes you have to rely on conventional medicine...and that's okay. I'm glad it's there when we need it. Avery's glad too. She's right back to her old, happy, silly self and at the end of the day, that's all that matters.

I'll send you off with a few more fun pics of Avery from the month.

She loves hanging out in the back seat (with Grandma next
to her) while I load and unload the groceries.

Loving the view from above with Dad.

See in you a week or two for the 11 month (gasp!) post. 

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