Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday

So here we go with a second installment of "What I Ate Wednesday"! Missed my intro post about it? Click here. Now on with my gluten-free, vegan food from this Wednesday:

Pre-workout snack: Rice Chex Cereal with Sugar-Free
Vanilla Coconut Milk

Post-workout snack: "Chocolate Ice Cream Smoothie"...
I seriously have this smoothie every single day!

Mid-morning snack: 2 gluten-free, vegan pancakes (recipe here),
with maple agave nectar.

"Is it lunch yet? Snack:"... a banana

Lunch: "Black Bean and Potato Stuffing" (recipe here)
on two corn tortilla shells with Cheddar Daiya cheese,
corn tortilla chips, and salsa.

Dessert: "Best Chocolate Pudding" (recipe here)
No joke...this is the best gf, vegan pudding I've tasted!
I tried other vegan puddings with tofu, and they weren't
for me. This one uses avocados and is delicious!

(I always get my apples organic, since they are now
at the top of the Dirty Dozen List"...meaning they
contain the most pesticides! Yuck!)

2nd Mid-afternoon snack: Peanut Butter & Jelly Larabar

"Just got home and playing with Avery Snack":
Chocolate Spinach Smoothie...again. Basically the exact same
smoothie I had for breakfast, except I traded out the
cacao powder, chia seeds, and hemp seeds for
 Chocolate Sunwarrior Rice Protein Powder and some

Now around 6 months, I started doing baby sign language with Avery and although she often looks at me like I'm crazy, lately I swear she's been trying to sign "more" back to me! This usually occurs when I'm eating a smoothie like the one I had today.  I'll give her a little taste of it and then she will start slapping her hands on her legs or her highchair and then sometimes her hands will come together (as in the sign for "more").  Call it coincidence, but I think it's safe to say this girl likes green smoothies. I suppose the fact they all resemble chocolate ice cream helps a little bit.  ( :

"More smoothie please Mama!"
Dinner: Gluten-free pasta, with "Sneaky Sauce" (a jar
of spaghetti sauce, 1 cup cooked green lentils, 2-3 cups
fresh spinach...all blended in VitaMix. It may not look
that pretty, but it tastes great and is great for you!)

Dessert: 2 Mini Gluten-free, vegan pumpkin doughnuts.
(recipe here).  My photo (and "beginner doughnut formation skills" do
 not do these mini-doughnuts justice...they are so good.

Well, that's my food for this Wednesday. What did you all eat?


  1. oh it TOTALLY looks like she is indeed signing "more" eeeee that's so cute! =) Happy WIAW love!

  2. Hey thanks Jenn! Again thanks for hosting WIAW, I'm happy to be on board (Avery too!). ( :


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