Thursday, April 21, 2011

Avery is born!

Hi greenies! I will post more later, but just had to share the news that Avery was born last night, April 20, 2011 at 10:59 PM.  She was born in the water at our home.  She weighed 8 lbs and was 21 inches long.  Here are some pictures...
First Family Picture after the birth.

So happy she is finally here!

Brandon got to weigh her with the midwife scale...8lbs!
See her cute little foot sticking out?!

Meet Baby Avery!

Dad giving her some love during one of her many diaper changes thus far!

Avery says "Hello!"

Avery and I

Daddy and Avery first thing this it!

Our sleeping girl...

I will post more about my birth story later...but for now enjoy the cuteness!


  1. Congratulations, Ashley! I'm so happy for you that your birth experience was seemingly everything you hoped it would be. She's precious.

  2. I love her so much already! We will be home in a few short weeks. Can't wait to meet her!

  3. Congrats Ashley! Avery looks absolutely beautiful and so healthy. So happy to hear you were able to have the birth you wanted. Can't wait to read your birth story.

  4. She is beautiful! Congratulations!


  5. Congratulations!!

    What sweet photos. She is beautiful and perfect, so happy for you!!!

    Good job, Mamma!

  6. Thanks everyone! Let the Baby Posts begin! ( :


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