Friday, November 19, 2010

More Details of the Gender Reveal Party!

Hey everyone, we had quite an exciting night last night at our "Gender Reveal Party" where we found out that we are going to have a little GIRL! You could probably tell from the video that I had a pretty good feeling it was a girl, since I was sporting my pink! Aside from the exciting news we found out, there are some other fun details I thought I'd share on here in case anyone else is interested in throwing their own gender reveal party, or you just want to see more of ours! So here we go!

First off is the food, I decided to serve some snacks with the cake, which I probably could have done without because it was way too much food for our small little group, but it was still fun because I did my top 5 food cravings. Which were: sweet potato chips, spaghetti (gluten-free), red pepper hummus and carrot sticks, LARA Bars, and any kind of fruit.

The food was all my "cravings"!

As you can imagine I tried to make this party as "green" as possible, so we used no plastic plates or cups and of course...cloth napkins! As you can see from the pic, I got napkins especially for this party, with 6 baby girl ones and 6 baby boy ones! I have a seller on Etsy who makes all my cloth napkins and who is amazing! I've gotten nearly all my cloth napkins from her because they are such great quality and because you can choose from hundreds of different prints for the napkins. Here is a link to her Etsy shop. Also, if you're wondering what I'll do with the boy ones now that I know we'll have a girl...I'm going to take them to my students at school, because we use her cloth napkins during snack time. ( :

Going green with boy
and girl cloth napkins.

To get our chow chow dogs into the party action, my mother-in-law made them these pink and blue bandannas! Meet Jilly, in the pink and Jackson in the blue.

Another fun detail of the party was to line up all my "belly pics" on our mantle for everyone to see how I have grown since we first found out I was pregnant. I think I'd like to do this again when I have my baby shower because it's fun to see how I and the baby have grown!

A "Belly Pic Timeline"
Now before we cut the cake, we took pictures of the "teams" or all of those who thought the baby was a girl and then everyone who thought it was a boy. It was fun because everyone dressed up wearing the color they thought it was too!
Team Boy!

Team Girl!
Time to talk about the fabulous cake! It was made by a dear friend who I work with, who just happens to be gluten-free too! Of anyone to have known the gender before us, I am glad it was her! She worked hard in the weeks leading up to the party to find a good gluten-free cake recipe that was also vegan (no milk, eggs, or butter) and the one she ended up making was divine! We went back and forth on whether or not to dye the batter of the cake or just the inner layer of icing and since the colors weren't coming out quite right on the batter, we decided on just coloring the middle layer of icing. It worked out perfect and was delicious! No one knew it was gluten-free or vegan...until I told them...ha ha- go vegan!

My gluten-free, vegan cake
Then it was time for us to cut the cake. Once everyone arrived I was tempted to tell them to hurry up and eat the snacks and then we can cut the cake, but we all agreed that we could just cut it first thing and then eat the snacks and we wouldn't have to wait any longer. I'm so glad we did! Here are the pics of us cutting the cake....
Cutting the cake...

Seeing the pink icing...

Then celebrating that it's a GIRL!

The pink icing to prove it!
Here's Brandon showing off his pink gear and skateboard after the party. For those of you who don't know, he loves to skateboard and owns his own skateboard shop! Looks like there's going to be some pink skateboards in this house!

So I hope you had fun looking at the other details of our "Gender Reveal Party" it was an amazing night and I am so glad we chose to find out this way with all of our family. Look for many baby GIRL posts to come!

My mom and I were super excited to go shopping for
some fun girl stuff!


  1. Your pictures are GREAT! I'm totally steeling this idea from you! When I have a baby that

  2. Congratulations! Pam and I just watched the video and read the post. That was a cool idea the way it was done. Took me a few minutes to realize that even you did not know before cutting in to the cake. Great idea and fun... Rex

  3. This is the best thing I've read all week!!! I love this! I SO wish I had done this when I had my babies. So creative, and I love all of your details. I would have a really hard time waiting for the party to find out, though. I might find out anyway, but ACT LIKE I didn't know. :)

    And girls are soooo fun!!!

    We used to have a chow. I saw her in the animal shelter, she was just so big and beautiful, and a day away from you know what. I just couldn't bear for this healthy looking dog to be put down so I took her home with the intention of finding her a family. We loved her so much we kept her longer than we'd planned on purpose, but eventually our friends expressed interest in her so that was for the best.

  4. Meg, you can totally steal this idea from me! I got it from some girls at school, so you guys should totally do it!

    Rex, glad you and Pam liked the video! Yes, it was hard not knowing until we cut the cake...but well worth the wait! ( :

    Jenny, thanks for your kind words! I'm glad you liked all the little details...they were fun to plan and put together. The waiting was a bit hard but luckily, we had the ultrasound at 11 and the party at 7, so I didn't have to wait too long. Any longer and I would have lost it!
    That's cool that you used to have a chow, they are such great dogs! They get a bad rap some times for being mean, but I think it's all in how they are raised and how the owner treats them. Ours really just nap and eat all day, so they are pretty chill! My husband has me hooked on them now and I don't think I could have any other type of dog! ( :

  5. Awesome idea! I'm going to do that for the next person I know who's pregnant. Sounds like too much fun!!

  6. Thanks Tiffany! Feel free to use the was such a fun way to find out! ( :


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