Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 14...Smooth Sailing!

Hey everyone, I just wrapped up week 14 of being one pregnant mama and like the title of my post says, it's been smooth sailing! I think I am officially in my 2nd trimester now (one App I use says it started last week, and another App says it started this either way I'm in now!). I've heard many people tell me that the 2nd trimester is the best because you don't have the morning sickness/nausea of the 1st trimester and yet your not as big and uncomfortable as the 3rd trimester. So, with that in mind, I can't complain with where I'm at right now!

As you can see from my belly pics, I don't look noticeably bigger than I did a few weeks ago, but I do feel much less bloated than I did in the beginning, so now it feels like it's all baby and less like my intestines and organs! ( :

Food cravings? Haven't had many food cravings lately, but my appetite is definitely coming back around and I don't quite have the food aversions I had a few weeks ago, so I'm loving that! I'm sure B is too, because now we can have a few more dinner options other than pasta (my fav!).

Nursery Update: So I got the first item for the baby's nursery this week, a glider/rocker/recliner! I wish I could tell you it's "green" and "eco-friendly" but it's not, it's just a normal chair. I guess I was more concerned with the color and matching the room than spending $1000 for a semi-eco-friendly chair. Some things I will worry more about being green, like the crib and mattress  and others I will just have to let go of.

Anyways, I got the color in chocolate brown because I knew it could go in either a little boy or a little girl's room! Speaking of which...we are so excited to find out the baby's gender, I'm having conflicting dreams each night and I keep seeing our favorite baby names everywhere! Can't wait to find out! ( : Okay back to the nursery...this chair is super comfy and on the day it arrived I rocked in it for about 20 minutes because it was so relaxing. I haven't "rocked" in years and I forgot how calming it was! It was also fun to just sit there and imagine what it would be like sitting there rocking my baby in my arms. Aside from rocking, this chair also reclines, as you can see from the pic, which I can imagine would come in handy after a long day both before the baby comes and after!

So that's about it for me this week, oh and the baby has now graduated from a lemon to an orange, so keep on growing little one...we can't wait to meet you! ( :

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