Sunday, September 26, 2010

12 Weeks and Nursery Ideas

Hey everyone, so I think this little baby has been doing some growing this week because I sure have felt tired! In the prior weeks it seemed like my focus was on food, but now my focus has been on sleep! I have taken a 20 minute nap everyday for a week now, usually I'd be lucky to get 2-3 in a week. On top of that I've been going to bed early too! Wow! As a result of all this sleep, this baby sure seems to be growing. I feel like my lower abdomen has finally "popped" as you can see from the pic to the left and to the right. Usually that part of my hip/low abs was flat...but no more. Pop goes the baby! ( : I'm excited that it's growing!
12 weeks

Other than the fatigue and growing feelings, week number 12 has treated me very well! Next week the baby will graduate from a plum to a peach!

Starting to pop out a bit!

Now anyone who has ever been pregnant can probably remember the common questions that people ask you when you're expecting. Here's the list of my top four most commonly asked questions or comments:
1- "You're showing already!" (Yes, I'm 3 months pregnant should I not be showing?!)
2- "Have you been sick at all?" (Luckily I have not, yeah!)
3- "Are you going to find out whether it's a girl or boy?" (You bet! We are counting down the days! But we have about 7-8 weeks still to go!)
4- "What are your nursery ideas?" (Let me get back to you on that one!)

Up until the last few weeks I had a few nursery ideas, but no real plans. So lately I've been browsing around the internet looking for colors/themes/and styles I like and I figured I share with you all what I found. For starters, here's what the room looks like to begin with. It's kind of a smaller room, but I think it will work perfect for a nursery. Just a note, the color of the walls will be staying the same. When we had our house painted this summer with a healthy, zero-VOC paint we picked this color out (we love tans and neutrals) and I want to keep it as the main color and just add accent colors once we know the sex.

My blank-slate of a nursery.

My baby vision board wall.

Also, you might be wondering what's up on the walls of that 3rd pic, well that's my baby vision boards. I discovered vision boards after reading The Secret and I have several scattered around the house. I use them for daily motivation, to remind me what I'm working for, and just as a place to put ideas. For example, I have several baby products on this baby vision board that I came across before I was pregnant that I didn't want to forget, so I put them here. My vision boards are constantly changing, but I love them and the purpose they serve for me. ( :

Okay okay, so onto the nursery ideas!
If the baby is a boy here are two rooms I like. You can probably tell right away that I'm digging the Chinese lanterns above the cribs, since that's in both room pics...and you're right! I like the pic below because that's the wall color of our room, and I like how they tie in those different accent colors. So, basically if it were to be a boy, the room colors would be: tan, teal, orange, green, and dark brown.

Photo credits

Now onto if the baby is a girl! I'm a little bit more picky about girl rooms and I wasn't able to find one that really clicked with me so I have several ideas that I want to incorporate into the room, so bare with me here if it all seems confusing! The first thing I definitely want to have is a tree of some sort, I really love this pic to the left of the cherry blossom tree with the monkey. I'd like to have the tree kind of leaning over the crib and since my mom is quite the painting artist I am going to have her help me paint this one! (Please ignore the other side pics to the tree pic, they are not my favorite, but they came with the pic!)

The next thing I would like in the baby girl room would be for the accent colors to be: light pink, lime green and dark brown. As you can see in the pic below that incorporates all of these colors. Just a note, I will be having all white baby furniture ( :


Okay, so that's not much if it's a little girl, but it's hard to find complete rooms that fit you're style perfectly. But at least this will get me started! I'm sure the planning will become much more real when we know the sex of the baby!

Well I hope you have enjoyed the belly pics and nursery ideas. I know I am always curious how other pregnant mamas plan their nursery rooms, so I figured I would give you a little sneak peak of mine. I got most of these pics off of, and a few others were just from Googling the nursery room colors I liked. Do remember what it was like planning your baby's nursery? Anything you all would recommend or resources that worked for you? I am open to any ideas! ( :


  1. I'm always amazed when women AREN'T showing by 3 months - so many don't show by then. "I" always did, though. In fact, when I was pregnant with #2, at 8 weeks, I seriously looked like I could be 5 months, no joke. (And I had been at my ideal weight before I got pregnant!) A lady even asked me when I was due, and I told her 2 months before I really was! ha!

    I love your nursery ideas, and I'm glad you shared. I'm totally nosey, always wanting to see what is going on behind the scenes! :) The only real nursery I ever planned was my first son - so it would have been, yikes, 11 years ago when I was planning...I did the old classic-looking Winnie the Pooh, only because I was an English teacher, and I wanted to do something literature based. It was fun to do. He slept with us so his crib was purely for show. My 2nd son slept with us, too, and by then the nursery was an office. My daughter didn't have a room, at the time so I re-did our bedroom in white, gray, pink, and silver, which was fun. I bought a bunch of silver and pink glass ornaments on sale after Christmas from Pier 1 and hung them from the ceiling above her changing table.

  2. Jenny,
    Glad to hear you were showing "early" or at least "on time" like I am. It cracks me up how people think you should or shouldn't be showing by certain times when in fact everyone is different.
    Happy to hear you liked the nursery ideas, you never can tell if people will be interested or not care, but I know that I'm nosy like that too and I want to know what other people are doing too! It will be interesting to see how it ends up turning out. You can bet there will be pictures to come! Thanks for sharing your room ideas as well!

  3. Hey, I like the ideas! You could also use the monkey for a boy's room and just put green leaves up instead of the flowers! I can see some quilt ideas popping up in my head! Yeah! When you get closer to the time you find out, we will have to get planning on that quilt! ;-)

  4. No, most people don't show so much at 3 months but most aren't as fit as you. Basically most women have more bodyfat so the bump blends more. I love the monkey mural in the girl's nursery pic. I HAD to have pottery barn's pink pinstriped bedding and I had M paint pin stripes on the wall (measured to be the same ratio of thinkness and division as the bedding stripes...CRAZY). I love your ideas

  5. Carol,
    Glad you like the nursery ideas! I agree about still possibly putting a tree up in the room even if it's a boy. Here's a tree I like off of Etsy:
    I can't wait to start planning the quilt! How fun! ( :

    You're too sweet! I appreciate your support! Everyone keeps saying I either have twins or it's gonna be a big baby...I just say- maybe I don't have much room for this baby to go so it shows up quick! We'll see! Glad you liked the monkey mural, I feel in love with it too! That's funny about you're pottery barn bedding and matching stripes, once us pregnant women know what we want, we have to have it!LOL! Pink stripes sound like a cute idea ( :

  6. Ashley, Thanks so much for the recent comment on my post :) Congratulations on your pregnancy! You are definitely starting to show - isn't it exciting? I couldn't wait until i got a real official baby bump :)

    I love that you use Vision Boards! I do the same thing, though I am admittedly behind on keeping up with changing mine and keeping it current. You've inspired me to get back into it so thank you!

    I really enjoy your blog, I love that it's green and that you're vegan. I spent two years as a vegetarian and fully intend to go back to it ASAP. As it is, I've been mostly vegetarian my entire pregnancy because it's so much healthier of a lifestyle.

    Anyway, I'm rambling on and on but I just wanted to thank you for the comment and let you know i stopped by your blog and am now following :) I'm trying to get into updating more often so I'm excited to get to know you!

    good luck with this next week of your pregnancy! take those naps! like you said, it means baby is growing!!

  7. Hey Rhian,
    Nice to "blog meet you"! It's fun to find someone else who's pregnant and blogging! Yes, I am very excited for the "real baby bump" to show. Right now it seems like it's just my organs got all pushed up and bloated-ness, but I think it will be so cool to feel the baby move and know right where it is!

    Glad you like to use vision boards as too! I go in phases with my vision boards, and since I'm a teacher I will always get caught up on them during summer and Christmas breaks, but when school starts I fall behind. I've been trying to stay better on it with the baby stuff though, plus I think it's kind of relaxing.

    Glad you like my "green" blog and the fact that I'm vegan...most people look at me like I have a 3rd eye (not in blog world though!). That's great that you're mostly vegetarian right now, you're doing you and you're baby a big favor!

    Ha ha, you can always ramble on my blog...see my response (nice, long, and rambling!). Glad you stopped by to check out my blog, I'll keep checking your's too to see what pregnancy has in store for me further down the road! By the way I'm off to take a nap now! We'll see what this next week has in store for both of us pregnant mamas! ( :


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