Sunday, September 12, 2010

10 Weeks...Time for New Clothes!

So fellow greenies, some things have changed since last week, mainly in the form of my lower abdomen growing in size! I've got my baby bump now see the pic to the right! As a result, this week seems to be all about clothes! I seem to have lost the passion I had for foods last week and this week nothing really sounds good. I've haven't thrown up or even felt nauseous, it's just that when it comes time to eat I don't know what to eat since nothing looks appealing, which makes cooking dinner kind of hard. New foods are still enjoyable, but that's about it. My cravings have switched to sweets like cake with icing and Milk Duds (doubt they make those gluten-free and vegan!).

On to the last weekend my mom and I went shopping for some comfortable clothes at the mall. I was mainly in the market for some cute shirts since my old ones seemed so tight on my growing tummy. We had a lot of luck at Forever 21 and I was just able to get certain styles that tied in the front or back (good for a growing tummy), as well buying one size up from my usual (although it doesn't do them much justice, here they are to the left). I also got a few new bras (sorry if this is TMI, but when you're pregnant, I've come to learn that this is a must!). I came across the Maidenform brand at Kohls and I love it! It has something called "Dreamwire" which makes the under wire portion so much more comfortable than traditional has been a godsend this past week! Thanks Maidenform!

New clothes!
Now at the start of last week, I was still rocking the rubber band trick, but as the week progressed (actually by Tuesday) it was time for the Bella Band! This has been great to have, because as the week went on I had to unzip my pants lower and lower to stay comfortable throughout the day, luckily Bella Band covered this up and kept my pants up. As great as the Bella Band is, come Saturday I knew what I had to do...go shopping for MATERNITY PANTS- gasp! Ha ha! I had a feeling it would only be a matter of time before the rest of my pants would be out of commission (see the official week 10 pic for this week and you'll see why!), so I called my emergency shopping pal (my awesome mom) and off we went.

The first place we went was Target...bad idea. They had several cute tops, but when it came to pants they had the following in their maternity section: 1 style of jeans, 1 style of black pants, and 1 style of khaki pants. After trying the jeans on, and not liking the fit (I'm kind of short and so they went really long), I almost had a "Pregnazilla" moment! Then my mom calmly suggested we try Motherhood Maternity- good thinking mom! Before we left I did manage to find some cute black maternity tights by the same brand that makes my Bella band, so I didn't leave there empty handed.

Mama needs some maternity jeans!
Next we went to Motherhood Maternity, it's a "pregnant girl who has nothing to wear" dream! So many options, so many styles and sizes of jeans- yeah! After finding the styleI liked and a size that fit (they have petite sizes!) I fell in love with my very first pair of maternity jeans! They were so much more comfortable than trying to squeeze into my old jeans! I ended up having so much luck here that I got a pair of black dress pants, and khakis...I feel so much better now! I actually want to get dressed in the morning, instead of thinking, well what can I squeeze myself into today!

So after all this shopping, I finally did some cleaning out of my closet (literally) and put all my pre-pregnancy pants and some tops down in the basement. I figured, if I can't wear it, why do I want it taking up space in my closet? Plus with the seasons about to change this was a must on my cleaning to-do list anyways. See all those clothes to the left, good-bye! Normally I'd be sad about all those clothes I can't wear, but the last thing I want to do is be uncomfortable for 8 hrs. wearing it was easy to say goodbye!

Goodbye old clothes!

Wow, enough jabbering about clothes! Another highlight of the week is that the baby has now graduated from a prune to the size of a lime. I don't know about you guys but I've seen both big and little limes, so I'll just pretend it's somewhere in the middle. I wonder what exciting changes this week will have in store for me? Anyone else remember what it was like buying maternity clothes for the first time? Did you have any favorite places to buy maternity clothes? I am open to any pregnant mama wisdom! ( :


  1. I got all of my clothes from Motherhood! I loved it there. I had two sizes for the beginning and end of pregnancy. I tried Old Navy but their stuff looks worn so fast but I guess that's why it's so cheap. But, yes,Motherhood is a preg girl's dream. I love the belly pic! Keep 'em comin'! You look beautiful.

  2. Hey J,
    I agree about Old Navy. Several people have reccomended Old Navy, but I'm not crazy about their stuff either. Glad you liked Motherhood too! I can see myself going back later when I'm bigger, but it's amazing how much more comfortable their clothes are! Thanks for the compliment! You're too sweet! ( :

  3. Sounds like a fun shopping trip Ashley. I like the new "How Big is Baby" widget, I hadn't noticed that before. It will be a fun way to monitor how the baby is developing, and I like the photo references for the current size too.

  4. I feel the same way about Target! And Motherhood is great, cheap too! At first the clothes were a bit over whelming because I WAS so small, and I am short, but then I grew into them and they are perfect! I also bought regular tops in bigger sizes, but I had to have the maternity pants ASAP, it just felt "official!" Enjoy! :)

  5. Lauren,
    The maternity pants were definently the first things on my list too! They are so much more comfortable! I'm short too, so I know exactly what you mean! I love how Motherhood has "Petite" sizes, much better than Target! ( :


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