Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Life...8 Weeks Pregnant!

So you may be wondering how I'm doing now that I'm 8 weeks pregnant, and the answer is great! I feel very fortunate that I've haven't had any morning sickness, my main discomfort is just that certain foods don't sound too great and in the evenings I get this "really full" feeling in my stomach. Certain foods do sound really good though, like I've mentioned to some of you, like spaghetti and sweet potato fries. Yum! Here's a little recap of what's going on with my little olive (the baby's current size related to food, I know kind of corny, but I love it!) and how it's making my body feel.

8 weeks
Early Baby Bump? This has been an issue I've been struggling with the past week or so, because I am in that "in between" stage, where I'm not far along enough to have a true baby bump, but I definitely don't have the same stomach I used to. I'm still fitting into my old clothes, even though some have been getting much tighter around my stomach. Usually in the morning, things fit fine, but by the time I get home I want to rip them off because they are too tight! It's left me scratching my head because I've been working out about the same and I still do ab exercises daily, but none of this seems to be helping...probably because there's a baby inside- duh!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to keep my abs over having a healthy baby, it's just that I'm in between the two stages and I worry that if I start to show already then it will lead to a slippery slope of gaining weight and the possibility that I will be huge during my pregnancy. This is totally irrational I know, but it's what the perfectionist in me keeps saying! I think a lot of this stems from the fact that I've weighed around the same since I've been in high school, so I'm not used major changes in my weight, but I think this will be good for me to work through and accept that there's more important things going on in my life than having a flat stomach! Time to grow up Ash ( :

So my conclusion to the baby bump drama is the same as it's been for anything to do with this baby, just relax. So people may see that I have a "tiny bump" who cares, I'm pregnant! Besides it doesn't not feel good to suck my stomach in all day! Ouch! Baby does not like that! It seems like the time where my "bity baby belly" shows the most is right after I eat. Not sure if things are moving around by my digestive tract or what, but I tend to want to relax my stomach out way more than usual after eating a meal. So I'm going to work on just letting go of this issue this week, I'll let you know how it goes... also, I'm going to try and wear some more comfy clothes!

Alright, so on with the rest of my life as a pregnant mama! Sorry to be boring all the fellow greenies out there with this pregnancy talk, I just thought that some of you out there might be interested to see what pregnant life is like (if you haven't already gone through it)! I know there aren't many resources out there that just tell it like it is or list those symptoms that you only share with your friends and family...hopefully I can be a resource for those of you who plan on becoming pregnant soon or just someday. And for those of you have gone through this already, I'd love to hear what tips or tricks you have that made your pregnancy more happy, healthy, and enjoyable.

Tired much? Oh yeah, I've been feeling quite a bit of fatigue lately, mainly because last week was the first week my students started back to school, so even though I was very excited to have them back, my energy took quite a hit. My solution to this? A 20 minute nap after I get home from school. Now don't get me wrong, my mind is way to active for a nap, so I instead do 20 minutes of an iPod App called, "Breath Pacer". It's helps me focus on my breathing which in turn relaxes me a lot! I'll post more about this another time, but I highly recommend it! Anyways after 20 minutes of Breath Pacer, I'm ready to start my evening duties of making dinner, doing yoga if I have time, and other domestic jobs! Here's a pic of the screen of the Breath Pacer in action.


Amazon...get me off this website! So has become my favorite spot this weekend as I've already started creating a baby registry...I know it's early but I love to plan! Plus there are so many great eco-friendly products on there I don't want to forget about them, so I just click and add them to the baby registry so my list is ready when the holidays roll around or it's time for the baby shower! I'm having way too much fun with this! I'll give you all a link later, so you can see all my favorite eco-friendly products, but I'm still building it and I will continue doing so especially since I don't even know the sex of the baby! In the meantime, I'm sure I'll have fun adding more stuff to that list! By the way, even if you're not pregnant you can still make Wish lists on there, which is great for birthdays and holidays...I love Amazon!

So I think that's about it for week 8, who knows what week 9 will have in store for me? Now I'm off to go workout, luckily I've been able to keep running on the treadmill even though I've slowed down a bit and changed up my intervals- I now run for 2 minutes and then walk for 2 minutes (I do this for an hour). Kind of different, but it works for me and little olive right now, so I'm sticking with it! ( :


  1. The in between stage is hard. I felt puffy and uncomfortable. I actually started wearing maternity clothes earlier than needed so people knew I was pregnant. That resulted in me having to buy two sets of maternity clothes as I was much bigger later in pregnancy. THe great part is: the more fit you are, the earlier your bump will show! So, you will show earlier than most ;)

  2. Hey J,
    Glad to hear you could relate to how I'm feeling right now. You gave me a big "Aha!" with what you said about, the more active you are...the sooner you will show! I guess I just thought that being active would prevent me from showing sooner, but it makes sense that it's the opposite. Before I was pregnant, I could tell the slightest change in my stomach if my diet started to slip or my workouts weren't as great. So it only makes sense that being 2 months pregnant would cause quite a change in my stomach. Thanks for the new perspective on the situtation, I appreciate it! You've helped me embrace it much more! Look forward to getting more good advice from you throughout my pregnancy! ( :

  3. Hey, Ashley! Have you heard of a "bella band"? It works well during the in-between stage and you can use it again after you have the baby and aren't quite ready to get into your old pants. You leave your pants unbuttoned (or even unzipped) and slide the bella band over like a belt to hold your pants in place. I used to use it and I used my handy rubber band trick all the time. Instead of buttoning my pants, I just looped a rubber band around the button and through the button was great!

  4. Hey Erica,
    Thanks for the tip! I just put one of those bands on my "list of things to buy" on Amazon. It seems like a great thing for me right now, since the legs of my pants still fit, but it does not feel good to button them. This will probably help me a lot. I was planning on waiting till the end of the week to buy this, but I'm feeling "it" a lot more today, so I might be buying this ASAP! I'll let you know how it goes! ( :

  5. Hey! Great tip on the Ipod app! I'm going to take a look at that! I never used a bella band but Erica showed me the rubber band trick and it was great!


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